Bernie 2020 Group Seeking Russian Involvement In Next Election

A political activist group calling itself BernieVision2020, working towards a 2020 Bernie Sanders presidency, is actively seeking Russian involvement in the election. We contacted them after being alerted to their endeavors by our contacts in National Security. We reviewed their plan at their Seattle-based headquarters.

"BernieVision is about Sander's vision for America--but it's also about getting America back to where it ought to have been a long time ago. Capitalism has failed. Liberalism and neo-liberalism have failed. What America considers 'the left' is really corporate-capitalist-fascism," said Chad Brunswick, the leader of BernieVision2020.

"We are very clear that American politics is being driven by corporations who are using various special interest groups. These special-interest voters are like bed-bugs: you have to clean out the house before you can buy new furniture. That's where we're starting."

His analogy is expressed in the Bernie-Vision plan which includes:

  1. Seeking charges against, and jailing Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Donna Brazile. Brunswick said that the mainstream media had hidden clear and obvious evidence of election tampering.

  2. A monetized campaign to educate African Americans about Sander's marches with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr during the civil rights era.

  3. A strategy of pledged voting that would work to ensure either Sanders or a second term of Donald Trump.

"Do we want people of color to be uncomfortable? Yes. Do we want women-voters who backed Hillary out of some so-called feminist impulse to be marginalized? Yes. These things are necessary to teach the American Left a lesson that they should have learned in 2000 but needed to be taught over and over, apparently. We're very serious about going after them first."

When asked about their attempts to get Russian help with messaging, funding, and staffing, Chadwick expressed surprise.

"Well, of course we'd like their help. Why wouldn't we? Although BernieVision's official standpoint is that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election--at least there is no proof--and that Trump was elected, essentially, by Democrats who tried to steal the election from the Sanders movement, we think that the Russians could be very helpful in 2020!"

He described the propagation of what the mainstream media describes as 'fake news' to targeted Bernie-Curious voters across the nation.

"We tell them that Hillary called them a bucket-of-losers, that they can totally trust anything Wikileaks says--like that Clinton was going to drone murder Assange--and that whoever the Democrats run is trying to poison their mind and our voters--that message resonates with them."

He described the BernieVision2020 voter as a barrista with an advanced degree who is still living at home with their parents. "These people are looking for someone to blame and it's obvious they should be blaming Wall Street, capitalism, and the corporate culture that is feeding on America. After all, they're white. They come from educated, upper-class backgrounds--why should they need to sling coffee for smugly aging yuppies in business suits? Isn't someone with a degree in Medieval Literature entitled to make as much as someone with an MBA who heads a marketing division for a major company? If not, why not?"

He said that the Russian messaging would excel in playing to various subconscious racial and gender-based resentments.

"If you live with your mom, you've got women-in-charge issues," he said. "It's just basic facts. If you're white in America, you've got some racial resentment. We can use that. It's like the little engine that could get people to the voting booths!"

As for Trump, he said that while he "despised" him (making air-quotes) he was really happy to see him win. "He showed everyone that it's our-way or the Trump-way," he said. "He scares people? Good. Very good. If Hillary had won we'd be irrelevant--but now we're more relevant than ever. Trump puts us in the driver's seat."

He said his major concern is keeping the divisions and resentments alive between now and the next election. "There's a serious tendency on the part of the Democrats to just rally against Trump. We need to keep the wounds open--fresh--so they don't forget. We need to keep Hillary part of the conversation and tie charismatic possible candidates like Corey Booker to her so that she'll damage them. Yes, it'll hurt--but these people we're talking about? They need the pain."

He paused.

"The deserve the pain. I hope Russia backs us this time," he said, thoughtfully. "I really do."