GOP Leaders Hold Secret What-Do-We-Stand-For Meeting

Coming off the failure to repeal Obamacare, GOP leaders held a secret meeting to determine what, as a party, they really stand for. Although heavily locked down, RealTrueNews was able to get its hands on some of the material. A source familiar with the meetings said that the feeling was somewhat grim.

"We had a lot of guys," our source said, "who were really pretty--well, I'd say they were in denial about the party. I mean we'd all spent decades fending off Democrats. Now, with Trump? Well, it's gotten a lot harder."

The presentation, contrasting "What We Thought We Stood For" with "What We Really Stood For" showed how the party's platforms had been materially contradicted by the party's behavior during the Trump administration.

"The fact is," our source said, "We don't even know if we stand for repealing O-Care anymore. I mean, people hated it because of the name--because they didn't like Obama--but now that all looks kinda racist. When it comes to repealing it they don't actually want to."

"We were all like: What changed? The answer is nothing. And the whole security thing? I mean, it's clear Trump is a nightmare--but do we care? No. Not really."

He shrugged. "People who weren't paying attention were shocked by the amount of Nazi love Trump was getting. We had to talk them down with the it-doesn't-matter-if-it-makes-Nazis-happy talking points. Those are getting a little weak."

When asked what the GOP today stood for, our source was considered. "I think Trump proves the Democrats pretty much had the right of it. It's tough to hear--but it's really pretty hard to hide it now." He shrugged. "But we won. You know: MAGA."

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