GOP 2018 Strategy: Run Against Obamacare!

What you are looking at is a preliminary draft of the GOP's 2018 campaign strategy: They are going to run against Obamacare. Sources inside the RNC and the Trump strategy camp are telling us that, given the GOP's success in the past decade as an opposition party, they are going to stick to their strengths.

"We believe that the American people want great healthcare at fair prices," said a senior member of congress, speaking on background. "The collapsing Obamacare certainly did not deliver that--but we had a great success today with the Affordable Care Act which is insuring millions of Americans. If we can turn out our base in 2018 and beyond we can secure those gains for years to come."

When asked what he meant by that, he explained that Obama and the Democrats were doing "everything in their power--both legal and illegal"--to thwart the GOP's proposals to move forward.

"President Obama has got an ironclad grip on the Democratic majorities," he said "They are blocking us in the Senate. Did you know that not one single Democrat would vote for GOP healthcare reform--and that's without even looking to see what's in it. It could be great--terrific--and they'd still vote against it." He shook his head.

"Once we're in power, you're gonna see some changes around here. Wall Street and special interests are gonna have to get behind Main Street and Middle America for once. You'll see."

When asked about Republican control of the Presidency, both Houses of Congress, and a soon-to-be majority on the Supreme Court, he shook his head chuckling. "So first off, go and google the fourth estate. You haven't named them all--that's a Democrat trick. Secondly, who is telling you that we've got control? Do I look like I have control of the American Government? No--that's Mainstream Media Liberal lies that you guys tell your readers and try to cram down our throats."

"Our voters know that Obama is still Obama. That Nancy Pelosi has the highest unfavorables in Congressional history, and that the Democrats' deadly Obamacare is a nightmare--an absolute nightmare--for our country. If the people give Mr. Trump their vote, he's gonna put a stop to that. You'll see."

Asking several Trump supporters who had come to the Capitol to demonstrate and celebrate the repeal of Obamacare, they were left somewhat confused by today's events.

"I was told by one program they didn't have the votes--but then that Mr. Trump said they did. And I think they did repeal some or most of Obamacare but Mr. Ryan's Affordable Healthcare Act is repairing the damage right now," said Ellen Millbrand of Kentucky.

"Right now Hannity says Mr. Obama--who they still call The President--did you know that?--wiretapped Trump and the FBI is lying on him saying they didn't. If I were a liberal I sure wouldn't know what to believe." She shook her head. "I'm just glad Mr. Trump has already done everything he set out to do. You know since he was elected, I haven't seen nearly as many illegals at the Wallmart shop. I think that's the wall keepin' them out."

Asked if she expected her healthcare to change as a result of today's events she said that she got the Kynnect Insurance the GOP put out and she's very happy with it, thank you very much. "Mr. Trump would know better than to touch that. That's the good insurance that the GOP wants for people like me."