Progressive Voter Angered Over Comey-Lies

Joshua Morris is keeping track. A self-described progressive from Seattle Washington, Morris had very strong feelings about the November election--specifically that progressives were lied to by a corporate owned media that wanted to dissuade voters from seeing Trump in a positive light.

"After the primary," he told us, "there was NO WAY I would vote for Hillary. Fuck that. No, I started looking at Trump--and I have to admit, I liked what I saw. Trump would smash the patriarchy. He's in favor of Universal Health Care, believes in man-made Climate Change, and knows the Russians are really our friends, rather than the boogeyman that Hillary made up when she started losing."

He was especially incensed by the stories fingering Wikileaks as being a Russian propaganda front.

"Wikileaks and Russia Today [the state-run Russian News service] are the only reliable news sources on the planet. They're the only ones not in the pocket of Wall Street and Big Oil. To hear people--even my friends--say that Wikileaks received hacked material from the Russians? I couldn't believe how naive they were."

He strongly encouraged his friends to watch Comey's testimony before Congress yesterday, believing that Comey, no friend of Hillary Clinton's, would dispel the lies planted by the anti-Trump, anti-Progressive media. "I had friends who went to Standing Rock telling me if I hadn't voted for Trump they wouldn't have built the Pipeline--I really didn't think he'd do it. I had friends of color saying Trump's bad for them. I told them to calm down--that the truth would come out. I even was SnapChat friends with a Syrian girl from a refugee family who got turned away after the first Executive order. I told her to calm down. It'll get sorted."

He expected the testimony to clear up much of the 'misinformation' his friends had gained from mainstream media. He felt that things would 'return to normal' after they were forced to admit they were wrong about Trump, the election, Wikileaks, and the entire corporatist narrative.

He came away disillusioned and disappointed. "One of my former friends, who relies on Obamacare and unfollowed me because he's paranoid that Trump will repeal the ACA, sent me this fucking 'scorecard' [pictured above] gif about all the stuff I was so-called wrong about."

He shook his head. "It was really petty. I mean, Comey told every lie that the Hillbots had been spreading. Russia's our enemy. They hacked Podesta. They gave it to Wikileaks. They're all liars," he said. "I know who to believe."

He gazed out the window for a few moments in silence. "I know who to believe," he repeated, softly.