Guest Post: An Educated Case For Trump

As part of our on-going effort to air other viewpoints, RealTrueNews has invited Professor Michael Holt of Westburry University to discuss an "Educated Case" for Trump. Professor Holt teaches Philosophy and has gotten press in the right-wing news for having his classes disrupted by students who object to the debates and discussion of "other points of view" he regularly holds.

Again, these viewpoints do not represent those of RealTrueNews--but we think the viewpoints we do hold are improved by airing them.

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The Educated Case for Trump

I don't fit the profile of the Trump voter: I'm educated, probably more educated than most of RealTrueNews' readers. I'm white and male--but I can't help that. I've been involved with left-wing causes (such as the hemp movement) since my college days. I'm not a red-neck or a hillbilly and I have all my teeth. I also don't hate the Jews. Sorry not to meet your stereotype.

I am, however, in favor of Donald Trump. Yes, I know he says loutish things about women. Yes. I am aware of his business conflicts of interest. I know that he is said to inspire white nationalists. I understand he has no governing experience. I know all of that. He's still the right person to lead us. Let me explain why.

He Is The Future Of The American Idea

Today what our grandparents would recognize as Western Civilization is almost gone. It has been eaten away by Political Correctness--the public use of shame and economic pressure to police speech by a minority that is over-represented in the media. This left is stiffing the concept of the primacy of Western Ideas.

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Donald Trump is the one candidate who refuses to bow to the censors. He is the one candidate who is willing to call a spade a spade. His presidency will bring about a New Renaissance in speech and discussion--a renewed freedom in the exchange of ideas. Yes, he will let people say racist and sexist things with less fear of repercussion but we should all appreciate that this is the same freedom our forefathers built the greatest nation in the world with.

Rather than fearing such speech, we should listen to it, evaluate it, and determine if it will actually help us achieve our national goals.

He Brings The Nation Closer To Unity

Everyone knows that White Supremacists are horrible racists. We've been taught that since we could first look at a flickering TV screen filled with left-wing Hollywood ideology. What most of us do not know is the values that the white nationalists in America embody: community, family, and heritage. Did you know that hard core white nationalists lead the nation in bi-lingual education? Many of them are taught not only English but are fluent in German by the time they are in primary school.

In the past white nationalists were excluded from the public conversation solely due to one of their beliefs--that their skin color and its attendant history and culture made them more socially advantaged. This is, of course, shown to be true by sociological data such as preferences on dating sites--but never mind evidence.

With Trump we will be able to bring these people into the mainstream: We will be able to converse with them. You will see how, after a rocky integration period that, I think, closely mimics forced Integration in schools, the new honesty in the racial debate will improve race-relations which have taken such a hit over the past 8 years.

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The End of The-End-of-Men

The press has been deluged with articles proclaiming the End of Men, the Death of Gamers, and other such necromantic hopes and dreams of the feminist establishment class. Indeed, we see the impact of this in the growing disparity between men and women receiving college degrees and finding gainful employment. Under a Hillary candidacy these trends would have grossly accelerated. Now they can be slowed, halted, or even reversed.

Trump brings these marginalized groups out of the cyber-shadows and into the highest positions in government. Their unique and formerly suppressed viewpoints will bring diversity and perhaps even wisdom to areas such as foreign policy, national security, and early childhood education. Donald Trump is a shot of adrenaline for the male psyche in America--a much, much needed one.

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The Question To Ask Yourself

Are you better off now than you were eight years ago? If you are a right-wing college professor, an under-educated, under-employed white male, a white nationalist, a hard-core man-centric gamer, an ethnocentrist, or one of the many millions of Americans who had said arguably true things about Islam, Black Lives Matter (especially if you had the temerity to say that White Lives Matter), tried to explain something to a woman, spoke up for yourself in a racially diverse group, or taught a course where you challenged sniveling student's weak-ass left-wing dogmatic ideal-lets, the answer is "NO."

That's why we need Trump