GUEST POST: "Why I Like Trump"

Due to complaints that our journalism has been biased, we have invited a guest author, Bill Huckander of AK, to write a column about why he and other Americans support and continue to support the Trump presidency. These views don't reflect the position of RealTrueNews--but we think you'll see why we published them!


On November 8th America woke back up and said "We're not going to take it anymore--we want our country back and Mr. Trump is going to give it to us." That's the message we sent loud and clear but we're not surprised that on the coasts, in the media, and in the schools, they didn't hear it. Maybe I can reach some of you by writing here. I doubt it--but maybe so. As a Christian, I have to to try.

I suppose I fit the demographic: I'm over 50, white, male, (not apologizing for it). Never went to school--but I'm as educated as anyone. I read. I watch the news. I know what's going on and so do my fellow voters. I've also got my eyes open so I can see whats been happening to this country. That's the main thing. What's been happening you asked? Well, in case you didn't know:

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Today white men are being told not to work. If you go to a school today you can see the boys being herded out to special rooms with TVs on while they train the girls. The schools are also teaching Islam, which is a big part of so-called Common Core that president Obama put together in the name of "diversity." The idea was that white-men were over-represented in the job-market so it was time for "balance." Common Core does this by making sure that normal American parents can't help kids with their homework and incubates Islamic ideas into the children.

Today our military is so weak we can't beat a bunch of renegades in the desert. Of course Obama didn't really want to beat ISIS. That's the first thing you see if you have your eyes opened. He fired all his generals who didn't agree with him and then just wanted to keep poking at them with a toothpick so that they could get stronger and stronger. Any American can see that we don't win wars the way we used to because we've sold all our good weapons to our enemies and now just fund programs like the F-Something Or Other that costs more than our national debt and never works.

That was the Obama-Defense-Plan. Mr. Trump told us he'd destroy ISIS in 30 days and we haven't heard from them since! See how that works?

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Today our country is facing a crime-wave of rapes and murders by illegals. They come across the southern border, laden with drugs and FBI guns, and they get welcomed with open arms, free health care, and American jobs. Given that, why would anyone want to become a citizen legally? We don't even get free health care--that's something Mr. Trump is finally going to do for us. Obamacare made it impossible for a white man to go see a doctor--but Mr. Trump is going to bring that back. That was his promise.

Today the rest of the world knows we're weak. They send us their refuse--sorry, refugees--and we take them and take them. Even Australia beats up on us and makes us take their criminals. You know who is sending us their beautiful women? Russia. When I go on the on-line I see all kinds of people ready to come over here from Russia--beautiful girls--you sure don't see that from the sand-countries.

And what do Liberals do? They call us Nazis because we want a strong America--an America that puts Americans first. They tell us to "check out our privileges" whatever those are--while the black people and the women riot in Washington and the media cheers them on. You wonder why Trump was elected? Back in my day, if a police officer shot a dangerous thug, he was given a medal. Today he's given a jail sentence--and you wonder why the crime is going up!

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The results are already obvious: Jobs are soaring. Terrorists are being kept out. The newspapers are being exposed for the liars they are! Watching the liberals and Democrats and the socialist squirm has really been the best part of this whole thing to be honest. After we had to suffer watching a smug black-man on TV who everyone said was so much smarter than we were, it's only fair you have to watch Mr. Trump for eight years.

Or who knows? Maybe more!