Too-Nazi vs. Not Nazi-Enough

Amanda Stone is working hard to expand her career. Formerly a Business Marketing student at Brown University, she has become one of the hottest stars on the YouTube conservative pundit circuit. Her show "The Right Hour" has over 1.3 million viewers and her podcast "We Won, Bitches," has 3.3 million listeners.

Started during the 2016 primary, it has really taken off after Trump won the election--but now she is facing difficulties both with exposure and growing the program. We caught up with Stone at her apartment in New York.

RealTrueNews: "Hello, Amanda, thanks for speaking with us."

Amanda Stone: "Welcome! Anything for some exposure."

RTN: "Our tens of readers will be very interested in what you have to say."

AS: "What?"

RTN: "Nothing. Tell us about the, um, 'Nazi Issue' you'd talked to us about over the phone."

AS: "Oh--of course! Well, see today every conservative outlet is struggling with a variant on the same problem: you need to be just-the-right-amount-of-Nazi."

RTN: "Is any amount . . . above zero? Is that good? How can that be good?"

AS: "It's simple. Nazism--and I'm using a larger umbrella term that is somewhat divorced from the specific polices of German Socialist-branded politics--is the animating force in the conservative media explosion! You just have to approach the barrier carefully: go too far and you'll lose viewers."

RTN: "Can you . . . can you explain that?"

AS: "Oh, sure. No problem. For decades--since the Civil War, really, there has been a demographic that has been racist, xenophobic, and sexist--but has been afraid to be too forward about that in public. Trump changed all of that! Now it's okay to be pretty Nazi as long as you stay away from direct branding, swastikas, and stuff."

"What I do on my show is use Political Correctness as a vehicle to say things that you'd have gotten censured for just a couple of years ago because I can say I'm 'working against' the Power--or the Left--or what have you. People have been waiting so long to say these things--they're tired of being told they can't! Now they can! And I'm here to help them--it's very attractive to my listeners to know they can say 'nigger' or that Mexicans are lazy rapist--or that the Jews are running Hollywood and the Banks."

"It's like they just got Freedom of Speech back."

RTN: "Oookay. So what are you trying to do? Can you show us that diagram you're using?"

AS: "Sure! This is a kind of mind-map based on demographic and thematic linkages. Take a look!"

RTN: That's a little small.

AS: Let's zoom in! I'm VERY proud of it!

AS: What this shows are the monetizable relationships of hate and distrust that are resonant with Trump-voters today. Each of these nodes is a belief and the arrows show connections. The goal of the conservative celebrity is to hit enough of these markers without hitting too many--or being too obvious. See, up at the top? You can't just say Jews. That's way, way too obvious.

But you can say Bankers! See? It's like a treasure map.

RTN: [Looking it over] "Uhh . . . What's this Feminism Is A Cancer" and "Use My Girl Power" thing?"

AS: "Oh! Right--see, as an attractive young woman, I can say things about women and feminism that most men could never get away with. That's my special 'girl-power.' Now, Milo had the pedophile thing happen so I think I might be able to move in on his slogan there."

"Now, feminism connects to social justice--which is useful with South American immigrants in this conversation because Trump-voters believe they're all rapists and thieves! So I connect the liberals who want to keep, say, the DREAMERs in the country with the Social Justice people fighting for Black-Lives Matter, with George Soros and the Banks--that gets us to . . . the Jews! See?"

RTN: [ trying to follow ] "I, uh--yeah--I guess--I don't--"

AS: "Right over there--look. See, Trump voters hate Jews but really like Israel. They can say 'Oh, Netanyahu loves Trump and I like Trump so I can't be antisemitic. So if I can thematically separate Israel from 'banking Jews' or 'social justice Jews'--then I can get back to 'The Jews' (points to the top star) without going too Nazi."

RTN: "Just Nazi enough . . ."

AS: "Exactly! You know, Goldman Sachs would be a perfect target if he hadn't put so many of them in his cabinet. The average Trump supporter will ignore a lot of them--but he's kind of put too many. They have a perfect Jewish name, connections to Wall Street, of course, and they're filthy rich--which is okay if you're white--but we all know Jews kinda aren't. I wish Trump hadn't made it so hard."

RTN: "I--look, you know this--this is raw racism and, uh, sexism--and--probably several other -ism's here. Do you believe all of this? Do you--"

AS: "What?? Don't be silly. I went to Brown. I voted for Hillary."

RTN: "You're kidding--what??"

AS: "Look, as a young, attractive white woman, as a liberal I'm one of millions. As a conservative pro-Trump celebrity, I'm one in a million! I can get on Fox News, get published in Breitbart, all of that--they love me--and Republicans donate to profess their values. Look how much they gave to total-non-starter Ben Carson?? He never had a chance but he represented their wish to be seen as non-racist so they gave him millions! If I can embody their values they'll donate to me."

RTN: "You--you're admitting to ripping them off??"

AS: "Huh? No. It's transactional. They donate--they feel righteous. I get rich. Everybody wins."

RTN: "Except the country. But won't this interview expose you?"

AS: "Oh--haha--no! These people only believe things that make them feel good. I'll just say it's fake news." [ laughs ].

RTN: "Well, you're right about that."