RTN Interviews: Trumpcare Supporters

With Trumpcare (Ryancare?) being debated in the House and Senate, we reached out to several Trump-Supporting voters who had reviewed the bill to determine how they thought it would help them. RealTruePolls shows that 86% of people who voted for Donald Trump support the bill he is backing with threat of being primaried--a hard-ball pitch from the Negotiator In Chief!

Amanda Preston

Age 41, Texas

Mom, Homemaker, Patriot

Current Healthcare: Medicaid Expansion

"I'm looking forward to Trumpcare lowering the costs of my HIV medication. I contracted it several years ago from a contaminated blood transfusion. and right now it's only covered under Medicaid which is inconvenient to say the least. I think Mr. Trump's new healthcare plan will give me more choice at lower prices! I'm hoping the congress buckles down and passes it quickly."

"Prior to that Obamacare, Medicaid didn't cover HIV until the final stages which was worrying. But I feel certain that Mr. Trump's plan will greatly improve my access to health providers once it phases out the costly Medicaid expansion in 2020."

Samuel Morris

Age 53, Wisconsin


Current Healthcare: None

"I refuse to be extorted by the government so when Mr. Obama said we all had to pay up for his plan or pay the consequences, I pretty much told him where he could stick it. Mr. Trump is going to give us real healthcare at fair prices. I don't want my money to have to pay for women's things or abortions or any of that nonsense--and Mr. Trump's plan will let me choose exactly what I want, when I want it. I'm pretty healthy right now so why should I pay for other people who are sick? That's socialist redistribution. That isn't what America is all about."

"I'm also looking forward to the tax-break I'll get from Obamacare's illegal taxes being rolled back. You know they lied about it being a tax--and then the only way to keep it legal was to go back and say 'no--it's a tax? Unbelievable. The news is saying that Mr. Trump's rollback is producing billions of dollars in tax-breaks--that's something that'll most help struggling Americans like myself. I've already purchased a new truck so I'm hoping those bozos in Washington pass it quickly! Tax season is almost here!"

Kerri Constance

Age 45, Kentucky

Party Planner

Current Healthcare: Kynect

"That's me holding the sign!" [ laughs ] "I'm looking forward to those people who supported the former Kenyan-President, as I call him, watch their entitlement-program dry up. I had to listen to them crow about it for eight years--now I guess I can stand to hear them moan a bit. Really, it's theft, pure and simple. Godless. Now, I have some serious pre-existing conditions but here in Kentucky we've found a way to take care of that without Mr. Obama's meddling. That can work for the whole country, I think. People--people are just foolish, I guess. You know it starts in the schools with that Common-Core brainwashing."

"I've been told, by liberals, that I won't be covered under Trump's plan--but you know how they lie. Even Breitbart is saying that I might pay more with them due to my age and medical history. But let me tell you--I voted for Mr. Trump and I think he listens to people like me. I firmly expect there will be some case-by-case exceptions built into the bill to help out Real Americans like myself. You know Obamacare had them for the urbanites? Now the shoe's on the other foot, is what I'm saying. It's our turn."

Dr. Lloyd Benson III

Age 45, Nevada

CEO Benson Pharmaceuticals

Current Healthcare: Private

"This bill will unleash the power of the American enterprise--the animal spirits of the marketplace--and the innovation of capitalism. The tax break for Pharma-executives like myself, not to mention the tax relief in my income bracket, is exactly the kind of bold leadership we expected from Donald Trump as well as, for example, the attention paid to means-testing lower-income lottery winners that the bill provides."

"Paul Ryan is a very astute young man who knows how to avoid poverty-traps that make life comfortable for those are not fully employed. Think of it like a self-deportation program for the American layabout. If you want to be healthy in Trump's America, you're going to have to get off your keister and work for it! That's what made America great before. It's what'll make America great again."

Axel Morton

Age 27, Florida


Current Healthcare: None

"This will be big. Bigger than anything Trump has done so far. Look, I watch a lot of InfoWars--a LOT--and I know Trump does too. This will be the first thing the government has done about The Implants. The . . . you know--the Implants. The Visitors. They're implanting us and normal healthcare--especially Obamacare--won't cover it at all. Jones says this will--first time ever. That's a huge deal."

"Do I--? What? No. I don't think I have been implanted--I want one. Yeah. I think it'll cover that. That's why Russia sold Trump that Uranium company. Clinton was trying to bogart in on the deal--but--what? Yeah, they come for our uranium. Trump will trade them uranium for implants. That's what Jones is saying. I can't wait to get mine. Gonna be BIG!"