Lyndon LaRouche Getting Upset At Being Mistaken For Bernie Sanders

Lyndon LaRouche, American political activist and sometimes runner for Democratic Nominee has become alienated and even despondent since Trump's win in November say members of the LaRouche PAC who are close to him.

"No one believes that Trump would be an agent of the British Crown," said Kesha rogers, a member of the LaRouche Policy Committee. "Trump is random, impulsive, and seems to have no plan what-so-ever. It's like someone took years of our messaging and threw it in the dumpster . . . and set it on fire."

She also explained that the younger generation today identified any 'angry old guy' as Bernie Sanders and they had to constantly explain LaRouche's history of activism and his particular political brand to the newly politicized college voters.

"They used to get into all this stuff so easily but now it's like Sanders-Sanders-Sanders. Does Lyndon look anything like Sanders? No--but we've been booked and canceled on three times in the past two months when they figured out they weren't the same person at the last minute. It's discouraging. Sanders doesn't even believe in most of the same things. Marxist Class-Warfare--that's about as close as they get." She shook her head. "We need a make-over or a reboot for this whole thing."

Other volunteers at the activist's working group had similar complaints. "With Obama in power," said Michael Steger, a member of LaRouche's 2004 presidential campaign who ran on a platform of Bankrupting Wall Street, Destroying the British Empire, and Impeaching Obama, "people could believe there was a grand, malevolent plan. With Trump it's all the malevolence--but no plan. It's really discouraging. Our message really used to connect with leftists who hated Obama and right-wingers who were open to [ he paused ] 'alternative explanations for things.'"

"But now it's like: all the cards are on the table. Who needs Lyndon when you can explain everything as one giant cluster-fuck?"

The group also echoed that they had heard from other people "in their space" whose "brand was being damaged by Trump."

"MUFON, the, uh, Mutual UFO Network, says traffic is down. No one believes that Trump could be shown the 'secret documents' and keep quiet about it for a minute. It's wrecking them. Ron Paul is telling us that while he personally is starting to look into gold in case Trump fucks this whole thing [the economy] up, his listeners think everything is hunky-dory. He's taken a real hit."

Everyone was jealous of Alex Jones who, they said, was "bogarting the space" by virtue of being believed by Trump and tolerated by his staff.

"Jones positioned his brand well and early," said David Christie, a LaRouche "Democrat" for Congress. "He doubled down on the dark horse and his horse came in. That's risky brand management but it paid off. We're not sure how long he can last though--what's going to happen to all his illuminati stuff? What about all the Major Banks & Collusion with the White House? I mean--it's obvious now with Trump's cabinet--but Jones can't exactly shine a light on it, you know?"

"I think maybe the British Empire thing is played out," he sighed. "It's too much ancient history. Kids don't bite on that stuff any more. With England withdrawing as a major force in rock and roll, I think we might be seeing eyeballs moving away from the UK and possibly turning towards, I don't know, Russia?"

The general consensus was that claiming that the United States was a Russian Puppet was untenable. "Look," said Christie, "when you've got fucking ABC, CBS, and NBC saying this shit every night, we can't say it as well? Who'd believe it? No--we have to go deeper. Deeper. Maybe the pedophile pizza thing? I suspect we could market that to our base if we can find a way to make it a bit more palatable."

He sighed. "I really miss the Clinton years. People would buy anything back then."