Woman Proudly Wearing 'Deplorables' T-Shirt Starting To Have Doubts

Amy Schooner of Lanton Michigan proudly wears her "Adorable Deplorable" t-shirt. She also commonly goes out in her Trump-campaign "Make America Great Again" cap, and several other pieces of Donald Trump-promoting apparel. Recently, though, she has started to express some doubts about her identification as a "Deplorable."

"When [ Hillary Clinton ] called us that," she said, "I knew it was what the elitist liberals had always thought about us real-American folk. That because we love Jesus and because we love our guns--that we must be horrible, horrible awful people."

"My daughter has been so brainwashed at her college that she tried to defend it, telling me that [ Clinton ] was just talking about the xenophobes (whatever that means) and the racists and the--oh, whatever--that she just meant the 'bad people.'"

"Well, I knew I was one of the good people and if [ Hillary Clinton ] was going to call me a 'deplorable' then by golly, I was going to be one." I got the shirts and everything and I went to the rallies and they had the lying CNN-reporter girl there and, well, I wanted to spit on her. You know? Those people with their lies are doing so much damage to our country--I think they really want a Civil War."

"They keep telling those lies and they might just get one."

When asked what had caused her to have doubts, she seemed troubled.

"Well," said, "you know you're not supposed to hate--hate the sin, love the sinner and all that--but I guess I, well, I kind of did. Do?"

"Take the Muslims--there are a lot of them up here--and they follow that Shakira [sic] law. That means they can worship their pagan gods and take over our schools and our state houses and take away our rights."

When asked how she knew that was the case, and told that her statements conflicted with both the tenets of Islam and the law of the United States, she was unconvinced: "Oh--but you know--they're allowed to lie. It says it right there in their Kor-An [sic]. My pastor explained all of that. Those people will lie about anything."

Asked what she felt should be done with the Muslim population, she was clear: "Well, I mean--I'm a tolerant person--but it's us or them. I mean, even their little-bitty-babies are trained to turn against us. I've seen pictures of them dressed up as the suicide bombers. I think that there should at least be a camp--to protect the rest of us. And they should all be kicked out of the country. Those people don't belong here. They can go back to wherever they came from!"

Asked if she would change anything else about America, she said she had high hopes for Donald Trump.

"Well, the negros--Blacks? Negros? I know we're not supposed to say niggers [laughs]--but they should make up their minds what they do want to be called, shouldn't they? I think Mr. Trump's gonna get them working again! Take them off the Obamacare Welfare--make them finally get some jobs like the rest of us. It'll be hard--because they're biologically lazy--it's science--but they'll do it when Mr. Trump makes 'em."

Asked about her own employment, she stated that she is on disability after a back injury.

Other things she felt that Trump had planned for the United States included:

  1. Building a wall to keep rapists out of the country [further questioning indicated she meant Mexicans. whom she believed to be rapist because their culture didn't teach restraint when it came to white women.]

  2. To turn out the Jewish Bankers who had organized the 9/11 'bombing' of the World Trade Centers. She believed this to be common knowledge and was surprised and amused when told this was a conspiracy theory.

  3. Imprison liberal "sluts" who had abortions. She believed that God-fearing women who made mistakes would be given some leeway by the courts--but liberal women [ of bad character ] should be jailed and put-to-labor for the slaughter of their children.

  4. Close down American Universities which she said were indoctrinating her children with liberal ideas and so-called science which, she told us, she knew was nothing more than "theories."

  5. End ObamaCare and the freeloading of the unemployed off the nation's workers (she did think Mr. Trump would keep the Affordable Care Act in place for [white] people like herself).

  6. Expose and jail both Hillary and Chelsea Clinton for being dirtier than a pair of mob-bosses.

  7. Protected Americans against the homosexual scourges which seek to turn the nation's children to gayness. She felt that Trump's police force would be compassionate, putting them into kinds of asylum where they "get the shocks until they turn back right." She felt Mr. Pence would be instrumental in this.

  8. Defer taxes on the middle class, which she identified as the white voters who had supported Mr. Trump. "He'll take care of us," she said. "Like he promised. It's our turn now."

When asked why she felt conflicted about her choice of "Deplorable-wear" she said she thought it might just possibly send the wrong message.

"We are in a time of great promise now that Mr. Trump has been elected," she said. "This is a time for us to ask for unity and coming together as Americans. I wouldn't want to give the wrong impression. I'm really a very good person and although the Whore of Babylon may have called me deplorable, I don't think we really need to keep reminding people of that attempt to divide and label us? Do we?"