Rogue VOTUS Account: We Know Who's Been Leaking!

What you see is actual inside the Oval Office footage of NSA surveillance tracking cams that identify electronic devices such as cell phones and track their use and data via "TEMPEST" technology. What you see here is the system identifying an "Active Twitter Account" and turning on its radioactive sensors to observe the phone through the desk.

The system has captured Vice President Mike Pence sending a Tweet this morning as Mr. Trump talks on the phone with Reince Priebus standing docilely by. The phone, held below the level of the desk, is invisible to POTUS and is held so that it cannot be viewed by Priebus.

While Mike Pence has an official Twitter account, he generally does not manage it himself. It also showed no activity at the listed time-stamp. However, another account did:

The RogueVOTUS account features a doll-house view of the White House and a VP-Seal Count-Down clock that stands at around "six minutes to midnight." The tweet in question? Probably this one:

Experts in Constitutional law point out that should Mr. Trump be impeached, his next in line would be Vice President Pence. Could this be the force behind the stubbornly pervasive high-level leaks? Is it possible that the person creating discord in the White House would be the one who has the most to gain? Our experts think this is unlikely as White House senior advisers such as Stephen Bannon would "tear Mike Pence apart like wild dogs" if he were caught--however we can't be so sure.

RealTrueNews broke an EXPLOSIVE STORY about alleged collusion between Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan allegedly set to go down the night of the 3rd debate. Maybe this is "Plan B" (although we suspect that Mr. Pence would be very adverse to using that specific name).