Progressives Thrilled By #DemExit Site To Protest DNC Election!

Following a contentious election between Keith Ellison (D-MN) and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez, enraged progressives who had backed Ellison discovered a nascent "DemExit" web-site that seems to be courting dissatisfied left-of-liberal voters.

The site's owner and origins are mysterious but it cleverly catalogs a list of grievances that have plagued Sanders supporters since the Democratic Primary. The site features an "Email Blast" feature that will send specific messages to Democratic targets for monetary donations.

It also included step-by-step instructions on how to properly "exit the Democratic party" including a step to call one's mother (if she voted for Hillary).

Finally, the site includes a detailed "future timeline" of events that will happen if Democrats do not become suitably progressive. Claiming to be fact-and-research based, it includes Democrats losing with a second run of Hillary Clinton, an attempted run with Chelsea Clinton, and a final attempt to run Bill Clinton's illegitimate son as a presidential nominee before collapsing entirely.

If anyone has any idea where this site has come from, or who is behind it, please let us know.