White Student Union Chair Has Feelings Hurt

Taylor Brightenham III, head of the (unofficial) Bremford University White Student Union issued a set of statements today addressing the fragility of the minds of minority students on campus in result to push-back against a WSU Flyer Taylor and his group distributed around campus:

RealTrueNews: We understand that you have some complaints about the reception your flyer has gotten around campus?"

Taylor Brightenham III: Yes. The flyer is clearly an expression of free speech--but, as is normal today, I and the rest of the White Student Union were subjected to vicious slander just for speaking in a way that upsets the liberal orthodoxy.

RTN: What did they say about you?

TB3: That we were Nazis. I'm checking with my dad's lawyers to see if we can file suit.

RTN: Being called a Nazi was hurtful to you?

TB3: Of course. Of course it was. Dangerous too. By calling us Nazis they make it okay for people to assault us. I'm not the biggest guy in the world and now I have to be constantly on my guard: who is following me? Who is staring at me. Is that person going to approach me? To threaten me? It's inhuman.

RTN: That sounds bad.

TB3: It's awful. A person can't live this way. Liberal Culture clearly makes it okay to punch someone deemed a Nazi. Sure, it's illegal--but go online? There are plenty of jokes about Nazi-Punching. The Indiana Jones ones, the Captain America ones. Today we live in a Punchist-Culture. There's lip-service paid to the idea that assault and battery is illegal--but it's clear that society allows and even encourages these attacks. Most attacks on "Nazis" aren't prosecuted--even if the attack is caught on video.

RTN: I ... see.

TB3: That's not all--did you know that a white male is subjected to a constant stream of attacks every day. Small things--but they add up.

RTN: No? Really?

TB3: Yes. Exactly--like seeing white dads portrayed as doofuses in the popular media, for example. Or having to "press 1 for English" on help lines. These, taken together, constitute a serious assault on all white men. Have you seen the jokes about being hit in the testicles? Not funny--but society finds it 'humorous.' It's only a man suffering. These . . . nano-attacks may seem insignificant to you--but they add up. They wear you down. We're organizing to speak out against them. Cultural nano-attacks are a serious problem in the Men's Rights Community.

RTN: The Men's Rights Community?

TB3: Yes--Mennists. We're asking for equality with the other races and genders that get hand outs, protected status, and cultural media uplift. This is a movement whose time has come--but our attempts to organize, as seen by the response to the flyer, are taken as a major threat to society as a whole. The simple idea that western white men are people--and should be treated as people--is seen as radical.

RTN: This is an idea that doesn't really exist in society as a whole?

TB3: No. Look Facebook's list of 'genders.' It has around 40 choices. Your average western-culture white male has to scroll to find himself represented. He feels lost in that mass of cultural confusion. Diminished. This is an attempt to make us culturally invisible. It tears at us.

RTN: You sound upset?

TB3: Well, yes. Anyone would be. The Lib-Dems are trying to swamp our vote with Voter-Nid-EE laws and--

RTN: Voter 'Nid--' What? Wait, is that a word?

TB3: It's Voter-No-ID laws. It's society's attempt to drown the white-male-vote, which has over 98% picture identification, with other voters who will be allowed to vote without valid picture Id's. It's voter-suppression. This is the same way that western white males are being kicked out of movies, commercials, awards shows, and other cultural touch-stones.

When I turn on the TV today, I'm given a sea of black, brown, or other faces--nothing that looks like me. I see plays like Harry Potter where they take a white woman character--and make her black. The comics I grew up with? I see myself edited out. These attacks are hurtful. They are consistent, intentional, and designed to demoralize, demonize, and disappear.

Right now they've made Santa Clause black. Do you have any idea how hurtful that is? They do. This is an attempt to ruin us. This is an affront that cannot stand. We must strike back.

RTN: What are you thinking of?

TB3: Well, we'd like a sort of cultural-equality board at the school that would ensure that western white males get their due. We'd like to see the administration crack down on terms like 'Nazi' and 'White Supremacists'--these are hurtful words flung at us by the empowered groups without any repercussions. We want our own buildings and meeting places that can be kept free of our oppressors.

RTN: You mean whites-only clubs?

TB3: Precisely.

RTN: Good luck with that.

TB3: Thank you. It's only fair.