9/11 Truther Depressed In Age of Trump

Erin Walsh, who runs www.insidethe911insidejob.com has been, according to his mother, Mary Walsh, whom he lives with, increasingly depressed since last November when Erin's preferred candidate, Donald Trump, won the general election. We caught up with Mr. Walsh at his home in Naples Florida.

RealTrueNews: Can you tell us what you expected from a Trump presidency?

Mr. Erin Walsh: He was supposed to blow the roof off the whole inside-job conspiracy of 9/11. He's friends with Alex Jones, for God's sake--I'm wearing an Alex Jones Inside-job t-shirt! What happened? Where's the TRUTH?

RTN: What exactly did you think that he would reveal?

MEW: That the whole thing was a plot by the Bush Industrial-Military complex to steal the gold at the base of the World Trade Centers, use the attack as an excuse to invade Afghanistan--and then Iraq--to seize strategic oil reserves under the guise of looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction, and then funnel the gold into the hands of a few global elites to perpetuate the terrestrial war machine.

My God, it's so obvious--it's all on my web-site.

[ Note: Mr. Walsh's web-domain has expired due to non-payment. He is allegedly in negotiations with his mother to reinstate the site. ]

RTN: Wait--Mr. Walsh, if the Bush government were going to use Weapons of Mass Destruction as an excuse to go into Iraq, why waste time attacking Afghanistan?

MEW: Because you need to prep the American people. It's called pre-loading. Look, if you fold a 100-dollar bill, you can see the World Trade Centers burning. That's subliminal pre-loading. And if you look at Steve Jackson's Illuminati Card game--oh, don't even get me started--it's right there. They have a picture of the whole thing years ahead of time!

RTN: So, wait--Bush has this plan to demolish the World Trade Center, pin it on Saudi natives, attack Afghanistan, get the American people used to a couple years of war--then go into Iraq with a second excuse and . . . take their oil?

MEW: Yes. [ annoyedly ] Clearly. Duh.

RTN: What went wrong?

MEW: What do you mean?

RTN: Well, We're still in Afghanistan, there were no WMD in Iraq, couldn't they have planted some? And, uh, we didn't get their oil.

MEW: That's because Obama fucked it up. He prioritized the Sandy Hook hoax to take away our guns over the Strategic 9/11 Oil Plan. Do I really have to explain this to you?

RTN: Apparently.

MEW: Look--this plan pretty much involves the entire military, the entire defense industry, and the government at all levels. It's really simple: the American people--like yourself--are such sheeple that they'll believe any excuse for anything. Did you see the towers fall? It was clearly controlled demolitions. What about WTC 7.

RTN: WTC . . . 7?

MEW: Google it. I dare you. [ glowers ]

[ Googling shows that World Trade Center building 7 collapsed due to a fire started by the collapse of the larger WTC Tower 1 ]

MEW: No. No. No. Don't trust google. Oh, man, you're such a dupe. You have to look deeper.

RTN: Where?

MEW: Like, at least the 3rd 'o. [ Clicks on one of the deeper Google searches ]

RTN: Okay?

MEW: Right. See? It was Nano-Thermite.

RTN: Was there . . . gold under WTC building 7?

MEW: What?

RTN: You said they blew up the buildings to take the gold. They got the first two towers--why even bother rigging WTC 7?

MEW: I don't follow.

RTN: If the gold was in the basement of one of the primary two towers and the excuse to attack Afghanistan would work even if the towers didn't fall, why bother setting up a 3rd building to go down? Why go to the effort and risk? What did they gain?

MEW: Man, you're stupid.



MMW: You apologize this instant!

MEW [ To RTN ]: You're not recording this are you?

RTN: Yep.

MMW: I did NOT raise you to talk like that, young man! Apologize right NOW!

MEW: I won't.

MMW: I'm turning off the WiFi.

MEW: I'm sorry.

MMW: Better.

RTN: It's okay, we're used to it. Can you cover what you expect from Mr. Trump?

MEW: Well, he's supposed to--he's not part of the military-industrial-political complex. He should be able to tell the truth. That's why I voted for him--and to protect the tribe from the Dakota Access Pipeline which Hillary's big oil-men would totally have bulldozed. I don't see why he's--what?

RTN: You, uh, know president Trump gave the go-ahead for the Dakota Access Pipeline a few days ago?

MEW [ Looking Stunned ]: What?

RTN: He, uh, he did. Sorry.


MWW: ERIN!!!! That's it! You're grounded!

MEW: MOM, I'm 28!! You can't--

RTN: We're good.