'SEE YOU IN COURT': Trump's FBI Arrests 9th Circuit Justices

Last night the 9th Circuit Court issued a ruling against president Trump's so-called "Muslim-Ban." Mr. Trump's reaction was swift and fierce. He issued a presidential Tweet at 6:35 PM stating, in all-capital letters, that he would "SEE [ The Judges ] IN COURT."

Most observers found this somewhat humorous as court is, generally, where one sees judges--and took it to mean that the administration, not unexpectedly, would appeal the case to the Supreme Court--possibly after installing more friendly justices.

It is our understanding that was not the case: This morning FBI Director Comey under orders from US Attorney General Sessions ordered the arrest of the three 9th Circuit Justices and their being held on grounds of National Security at an undisclosed location. A press statement issued by the White House indicated that Mr. Trump should be taken both literally AND seriously--and that he was having the justices tried in Military Court for sedition against the United States of America.

"They came in with SWAT and FBI," said one witness, speaking under anonymity for what we'll describe as 'obvious reasons.' "These guys just put bags over the justices heads, read a statement, and then shocked them with cattle-prods or tasers or something and hauled them out. It was awful. You could smell burning hair!"

Republican leaders were quick to condemn the act:

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: "We do not condone the disappearing of Federal Judges, the use of electric torture devices, or the FBI as shock-troops. We will ask the president for an investigation into these allegations as soon as possible. However, we will not tolerate Democratic or Judicial obstructionism done for obviously political reasons. If our national security is at stake our first priority must be the safety of the American people."

Conservative Erick Erickson, a one-time critic of Trump, had similar feelings: "The Judicial system has been increasing in its activism under the previous Democratic regime and it is high-time we pushed back on its abuses of power. I think every good Christian American will understand that letting in Islamic people, with their inclinations to terrorism represent a threat to the nation. While I am critical of Trump, let's not be hasty in judging this act."

Senator Marco Rubio stated that Trump had his "Complete Support"--although he was unclear on what had exactly transpired. He made it clear that his office was "looking forward" and that he intended to serve a second 6-year term on the basis of the "many millions of Trump Voters who will support his patriotic actions."

Attempts to reach David Frum (The Atlantic) and Jazz Shaw (HotAir) were unsuccessful as they had, according to sources, been detained for undisclosed reasons. Forwarding address was to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.