RTN Investigates: Is the Media Suppressing Terror Attacks?

Today Donald Trump informed troops that the media has not been reporting Terrorist Attacks for "reasons." Although president Trump is reported to have "no evidence" for his claim, RealTrueNews has launched an investigation into these allegations.

The results are shocking.

According to PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence gained by RealTrueNew's art-department un-reported terrorist attacks have been happening REGULARLY inside the continental United States. Launched by Radical Islamic Jihadis and White Power Neo-Nazis, these terror attacks include, but are not limited to:

  • Detonation of a 45kt nuclear weapon underground in Central Park New York, New York. Our analyst thinks this would killed at least 10-100x the number of citizens who perished on 9-11. The massive hole, bored deep into the island would be filled with puddles of radioactive slag that would poison ground-water for miles around. How this was kept secret is beyond us--but it speaks to a deep conspiracy on the part of the Mainstream Media. One thinks, however, that Breitbart or Fox would have reported this.

  • White Nationalists led by Richard "Punch-Out" Spencer set fire to and burned off the top of the Washington Monument. Scorching the top levels of the 555 ft obelisk, we are told via the Internet that the Neo-Nazis almost set fire to the White House but were deterred by Vice President Pence explaining that "Now a white man lives there." The press has been silent to this attack.

  • The Great Bacon Shortage. Terrorists of International Caliber (an organization identifying itself as SPECTER) has held the West hostage by creating an artificial BACON shortage. This was reported widely in the news--but quickly changed to a "fake news" defense when the Department of Homeland Security reported riots brewing. For now, we are told, TURKEY BACON is being surreptitiously substituted for real pork bacon. HOW LONG CAN THE DECEPTION LAST?

  • A shooting at Ft. Hood, many years ago, was classed as "Workplace Violence" pissing off several credit-wanting Jihadis associated with helping motivate the assault. Millions of Fox News viewers were also upset (for similar reasons).

It is clear from the evidence RealTrueNews has gathered that Trump is RIGHT. The Media is NOT reporting major terror-attacks and the reasons can only be that they wish them to continue.

Real True News will keep you updated.