Progressive Activist Upset With Being Perceived As Trump-Supporter

Marcus Beauchamp, a self-described progressive and left-wing activist, admitted that he was starting to get slightly embarrassed to find himself being seen as a Trump or even Nazi-supporter on the Internet.

"Well, you see," Beauchamp tried to explain, "the Democrats are a corrupt, immoral, capitalist slime-pit. They are the expression of, well, hierarchical power, disenfranchisement, and crony-politics. They are corporatist running dogs who would start World War III if given a chance to better enrich their industrial slave-owners."

He paused for breath.

"Of course I find the alt-right, usually called Nazis, and Donald Trump to be, uhm, deplorable?"

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "You got that down, right? That quote? Deplorable."

He sat up straighter. "But the issue here is that the Democrats are calling everyone who disagrees with them a racist Nazi--that's, like, their thing. It's the only strategy elitist capital-slaves have to fall back on! And when they call everyone a Nazi, well, that's bad, isn't it?"

He showed us numerous memes suggesting that Democrats were naively calling people like Richard Spencer, Breitbart commenters, and Confederate-Flag flying Trump supporters Nazis. "These are my weapons," he said--"I made 'em myself! They're attacking the Democrats but most people are stupid and see them as defending Nazis and racists and Trump." He shook his head, frustrated.

"We're fighting this war on the Internet," Beauchamp said. "Our weapons are Memes--and sometimes bricks and shit when I can get out to a protest. If you aren't smashing a Starbucks, you aren't fighting the power."

When asked if he had any issues with Donald Trump, he became agitated.

"Well of course I do," he said, voice rising. "It was Democrats who forced him on us. They're to blame--did you see he's authoring the XL Pipeline and the DAPL? He's going to destroy the planet with Climate Change. That's Hillary's fault. He might be at war with China? I read a headline--that's the Democrat's fault."

Pressed to explain how the losing 2016 candidate and the minority party in Congress would be responsible for American policy, Beauchamp became angry.

"By moving away from leftist progressive politics they gave us all--" he waved his arms "--this. Bernie was the choice of a New Generation. They should have listened to us--the voters--the voters who voted for Bernie. When they didn't, well, they drove Trump into the White House--and, of course, that's how we got him."

We asked Beauchamp who he voted for in the general election and he became quiet. Finally, he admitted: "I voted for Donald Trump," he said, finally. "Like I said I would if Sanders was denied the nomination. I made my vow and I stuck to it. In my state they don't count write-ins so Bernie was off the table. I liked Jill Stein--she'd stand up to the Vaccination Industry for sure--but after that primary? Well, the Democrats didn't EARN my vote and they DESERVED Trump."

Going into further detail he explained what he disliked about Hillary Clinton. "Oh, well, she's a liar. She's a murderer. She's a war-monger. And her voice--have you heard her voice? She screeches. I swear, I couldn't listen to that for four years. Nobody could."

"Women," Beauchamp said, "Are trying to go for cultural domination. They're pushing gender-supremacy and mixing sexual politics with national politics. They want to make it basically illegal to be a man. I'm all for equal rights--but what we're seeing now is unequal rights. They're destroying a whole generation of young women who are growing up being filled with the Democrat's version of corporate femininity. This means they're hyper-critical. They're uncontrolled. They're super emotional. They never stop, you know, harping?"

He paused.


Beauchamp glowered. "I hated Hillary," he said with venom, standing, a defeated slump to his shoulders. "I'm glad she lost. I just hope Trump puts her in prison soon. Like he promised."

He then turned, calling out "Yes, mom, I'm coming." and hurried up the stairs towards the light.