Trump White House Snared in Embarrassing 'Automated-Women' Scam

The fledgling Trump administration suffered an embarrassing set-back after being snared in a scamp promising "Automated Women" who top staff believed would be capable of believably staffing pro-Trump demonstrations, giving pro-Trump interviews, and providing 'companionship' services. The scam, using live human models and stage-makeup to "appear anamtronic" apparently so convinced White House strategist Stephen Bannon that he ordered over a thousand 'units' at 45k USD each.

Following the firing of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, President Trump allegedly requested that his senior team "round up more women who could serve loyally--like that 'Conway broad.'" After encountering difficulties with several female politicians, White House Strategy Director Stephen "Potato-Nazi" Bannon, allegedly went browsing through his private email 'spam-filter-file' and hit upon an ad from Gynodyne Incorporated which was best known for providing a niche-market "Terminator Stripper-grams."

Failing to read the full ad, he had his aides reach out and arranged an emergency meeting with a Gynodyne Rep.

With none of the standard National Security Council available to review the materials, he made a snap decision to order over 450 million dollars using "black-budget" from the planned Yemen-Operation contingency funding.

According to CBO forensic accountants, the money was quickly moved offshore and the available contact information for Gynodyne Incorporated has been routed to a Romanian Modeling agency. Bannon is believed to still claim "ownership" of the test-model he received, even though the "unit in question" is a live human actress.

More on this story as it develops.