Spicer: White House Promises To Put Jews 'Back In The Holocaust'

Following criticism of the White House's Holocaust Remembrance Day message for its exclusion of Jews, the Trump administration backtracked today, with Press Secretary Sean Spicer issuing a statement that, following the complaints, "Jews would be put back in the Holocaust."

While the statement struck some observers as ambiguous and others as ominous, Spicer refused to take questions save for calling on Julia Hahn of Breitbart.

"Sean, what would you say would be the first part of this Jews-Back-In-The-Holocaust initiative?" She asked "Our readers are eager to know!"

Spicer pointed out that Kellyanne Conway had been keeping a list of 'journalists' who had gotten the election wrong and ought to be 'fired.' He said that Trump's loyal security forces in DHS, the Border Patrol, and the FBI would be "addressing them soon."

In other news he announced the purchase of 10 thousand new "efficiency housing blocks" (pictured above left) with "first-class central heating" to accommodate Muslim travelers who were detained by the Muslim Ban.