Trump Supporter: "Getting Harder and Harder Not To Face Reality"

Paul Anderson of Maybury PA told reporters today that he and his fellow Trump-Supporters were having a harder and harder time keeping their high opinion of Trump as time wore on. He described a carefully curated process of watching only certain news, listening to only certain opinions, and having a stock-supply of "ready answers" should they be challenged.

Despite this carefully prepared set of defenses, though, Anderson said, "reserves were running dry" and becoming "thin on the ground." When asked what he meant, he elaborated.

"So you've got your Fox-News," he said. "And that's always good for a pick-me-up. We trust them and they don't make us feel bad about Trump--but you have to be careful. All the other channels are showing massive protests, tiny inauguration crowds, and these goddamn refugees getting stuck at airports with their green-cards or something. I don't know why we even give Muslims green-cards. Must have been an Obama thing, I figure."

Coming into contact with other forms of news-media wasn't the only problem he and his fellow Trump-supporters faced, though. "On social media," he said, "we started out with the get-over-it stuff--and telling the snowflakes to scurry back to their safe-places--and stop crying--but more and more it's starting to look like they're laughing at us. That play doesn't work when you look like a fool."

He said that recently he and his fellow Trump-supporters had managed to look a bit foolish.

"I told the lib-tards that the EO wasn't a Muslim Ban--because it wasn't--and that it didn't stop people with green cards from coming in--but then they started showing me these stories where people with green-cards were being stopped because Steven Bannon, of all people, said to. Can you believe it? And then they started with this clip of Rudy [ Giuliani ] saying he'd been asked how to legally do a Muslim Ban--like he's giving the whole thing away. I couldn't believe it."

He shook his head.

"I went for the fake-news, you know, like we're trained to--but it was on Fox. With Judge Jeanine. I mean, that didn't hold up too well." He looked around nervously.

"Now, it's just Day Eight--but already I've been asked who had larger crowds at their inauguration and, you know, I pick the one with all the nice white-space because I know Trump had the larger crowd--but then people--some of my kids--are saying 'look, dad, there's more people in the other picture.'" He paused, frustrated. "It shouldn't be like this. Trump won the popular vote and the Electrical College in a land-slide so more people should've shown up, right? I think the parks service was keepin' some of them out. We're workin' on that story."

He also felt like Trump-spokespeople Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer weren't helping as much as they could be. "Kellyanne is a fine-lookin' woman," Anderson said. "And sharp as a tac--but that alternative-facts thing? I got laughed at a lot for that. And then there's Sean--he tweeted his password twice in one day? I mean, I'm not much on the Twitter--but that doesn't sound like something a real bright person would do."

"He also said--and we tried to use this--that there was this immediate threat to the country which is why they couldn't tell DHS about the green-card ban. I thought that sounded really good until someone asked me how come there was this big threat that Bannon knew about--but the Department of Homeland Security didn't. I gotta say, I couldn't answer that--and I watched Fox News all day to see if they could help me. I felt pretty let down."

He paused. "I have to say, this is getting dangerous--making fun of the most powerful man in the world like that? Making him look like a fool? These reporters are playing dangerous games with Mr. Trump. And us guys out there on the front lines? It's hurting us too. I had one of those 'Fuck Your Feelings' shirts that was so good for the liberals--but now when I go on line I get my feelings hurt. Someone has to turn this around. It can't be Mr. Trump--I think in this country the media has got to go. They've got to go before someone really gets under Mr. Trump's skin. Who knows what could happen then."

He shuddered, looking hollow eyed--and then retreated into his home to watch Fox And Friends.