#BernieOrBust Tries, Fails To Get Chant Going at JFK International

Last night as thousands of protesters arrived at JFK International Airport to stand in solidarity with Syrian refugees, the Brooklyn #BernieOrBust chapter arrived in force to try to get the word out that the detentions would not have happened under President Sanders. We spoke with Ryan Anderson of the self-described Bern-Army.

RealTrueNews: Why do you think it's important to call attention to Sanders right now?

Ryan "Berner" Anderson: We have to get the word out. The Mainstream Media suppresses us so that ordinary people can't hear the signal! It's times like these, when the world is watching, that we have to act!

RTN: What is your message--signal?

RBA: That anyone who didn't help Sanders win--this is their fault! If they voted for Hillary in the primary or didn't write in Sanders in the general, this is on their heads!

RTN: You think everyone should have written in Sanders in the general election?

RBA: Of course--then Sanders would be president!

RTN: If you wanted to prevent this, given that Trump actually campaigned on a Muslim Ban, wouldn't a vote for Hillary make more sense in the general election?

RBA: Hillary was a corporatist corrupt crony capitalist! I couldn't vote for her--no one should have! She would have gotten us into a war with Russia!

RTN: Where did you hear that?

RBA: Russia Today! Also, Sputnik. Those are the only good major news sources, you know.

RTN: I think those are Russian state propaganda outlets, actually.

RBA: No matter--I heard it--and I believe it! We'd be at war.

RTN: Is your message catching on here?

RBA: This is a herd of sleeping sheeple--they're making this all about some Syrian refugees. They don't see the big picture--they're poisoned by the mainstream media!

RTN: Your chants aren't catching on?

RBA: No. I think it's because there are some Clinton operatives in the crowds here, actually. I think I spotted some.

RTN: You think Hillary has people out here shutting down your chants?

RBA: You should have seen the lengths she went to in Nevada! They fed the mainstream media a lie that Bernie supporters threw a chair to discredit us!

RTN: What actually happened?

RBA: He picked up a chair--but then put it down. Total lie. Total propaganda.

RTN: I see.

RBA: Hillary is still trying to discredit Sanders. She's working against all of us in the shadows. She's evil!

RTN: Best of luck.