Spicer: Millions of Illegal Voters Identified At "Women's Riot"

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced today that, following up on President Trump's allegation that "millions of illegal voters" cast ballots in the November election, there would be a Congressional inquiry into wide-spread Voter Fraud.

When asked what evidence Trump had of voter-fraud reaching some 14% of all votes, he unveiled the above picture.

"Our analysis of the Women's Riot on Saturday the 21st indicates that millions--many millions--of terrorist women cast votes illegally."

When asked to explain, Spicer said: "The 19th Amendment is, to our understanding, unconstitutional because many state governments at the time, such as Maryland, reserved voting for men. Our intention is to challenge the 19th Amendment in court once an originalist justice has been placed on the bench.

"Furthermore," he continued, "the 19th Amendment was not fully ratified until March of 1982 meaning that for some years we think it's clear that there is a long, long history of primarily Democratic voter-fraud stretching back decades. This administration is going to get tough."

Reporters shouted questions, including asking why he was displaying a poorly modified picture created using "Microsoft Paint," but Spicer referred to his notes before calling on Breitbart reporter Julia "Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS* Hahn who asked: "Will there be arrests? Deportations?"

"We are thinking 'camps,'" Spicer replied. "President Trump believes that millions of felonius women in proper containment camps could bring, for example, garment manufacturing back to America." A delighted Hahn jumped and clapped before returning to her seat.

Following the press conference, RealTrueNews asked Trump supporters if they thought millions of people had voted illegally, we were told that Obama "lied about us getting to keep our doctors" and that "in this case, the truth was impossible to know for sure--and Trump could well be right."

When asked if the White House has been burned down as the (poorly photoshopped photo suggested), Trump Supporter Nesty Lubowick said "Well, of course--look at those terrorists with their pink hats and rocket launchers right in front. Look at that burning tree! How can you doubt the evidence before your own eyes."

When it was pointed out that the White House still stood, undamaged, Nesty claimed that people had also been told they could keep their doctors.