RTN Interviews: Friendly Trump Voter

Following the Inauguration, the RealTrueNews ground team went out and spoke to some Trump-supporters who were interested in reaching out to Americans who felt disenfranchised. Above is Mr. Martin Hale of Montana--a strong Trump supporter who felt that if all Americans would just give him a chance we could come together. He was positioned in the train station trying to speak with protesters to find common ground.

RealTrueNews: It looks like turn-out was somewhat light for the event today. Do you think that shows some disunity in the country?

Mr. Martin Hale: Well, see--that's because the people who turned out for Obama--they generally don't work. The people who voted for Mr. Trump? They mostly have jobs. That's why some of the stands are empty.

RTN: Okay. Can you tell us what it is you like about Mr. Trump--specifically?

MMH: That he's going to bring back American jobs. The Obama administration was giving away our jobs to foreigners for years. Especially China--It's time we bring some back.

RTN: Isn't unemployment the lowest it's been in about a decade?

MMH: If you believe the Obama-Numbers, sure. But look around--don't you see all the people out of work? On food stamps?

RTN: The Obama-Numbers?

MMH: Everyone knows Obama made the government lie about all the figures. That's common-knowledge.

RTN: So are . . . Trump supporters working or not?

MMH: Working--that's why they're not in the stands.

RTN: But if unemployment is so high--

MMH: It's that people--the Obama supporters, or as Mr. Romney put it, the Takers, don't want to work. Lots of able-bodied men out there on food stamps. Lot of them illegals.

RTN: Illegal immigrants can't get SNAP.

MMH: That's what the government would say, sure. I know it's not true though.

RTN: How do you know that?

MMH: It was on the news. Did a big show on it. All the illegals buying lobster--steak--all that stuff--with Government food stamps.

RTN: I see. Could you tell us about that hat?

MMH: Oh--that's my rebel hat. [ laughs ]

RTN: Do you think it might offend some of the people you're reaching out to?

MMH: I can't see why.

RTN: Well--it was--it was the Confederate flag. That was a symbol of slavery. Don't you think black people, especially, might find that a bit offensive?

MMH: Only if they're uneducated. The Civil War was about states rights--not slavery. Slavery would've died out on its own--but the Southern States knew that federal government was tyranny.

RTN: You--where were you taught that?

MMH: It's history. It's just history--facts. I've heard Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh talk about out. Oh--and freedom of speech on Sean Hannity. People who find it racial, well, they just want to divide us as Obama did.

RTN: Okay--how about your . . . pin? The America First pin.

MMH: Well, sure. Shouldn't we be America First? After all, we're all Americans, right?

RTN: But--you know that was like a symbol of white supremacists? Like, originally?

MMH: Is that what the Liberal Media is telling you? See, that's the problem with us coming together--you've been told all these lies and you believe 'em.

RTN: What would you tell someone who followed the original history of the America First Committee and its antisemitism?

MMH: Everyone on the left cries "antisemitism" and "racist" all the time. I'd say it's just more of the same. Once people open up their minds and can be more tolerant we can all come together.

RTN: But--hasn't Trump re-tweeted some for-real white supremacists? And didn't he send out an image with a Jewish star and a pile of money? That's, like, pretty text book symbolism isn't it?

MMH: He's a busy man. So he re-tweets? I do too sometimes. Can't research everything. People just need to relax and give the guy a chance.

RTN: But--look, what about that shirt? That's a Nazi flag.

MMH: The Nazis--look, you have to understand that while they did many awful, awful things--they were also the only group that had a real understanding of what was going on at the time. The Rothschilds are worth around one trillion dollars today--they set the price of gold themselves. Obama had executive orders drawn up to repossess gold.

The Nazis knew that the biology-science was a big part of intelligence and integrity. There's a reason the gypsies, for example, were distrusted--because their genetics were criminally inclined. Same with the African-Americans today. Now this is fact--this is--

RTN: W-whoa--wait a minute--none of that is fact.

MMH: Sure it is. The left is just really into science denial. That's known.

RTN: Where did you hear that?

MMH: Oh, it's all online. Anyone can do the research. Radix, VDare, American Renaissance-- it's all out there. You just have to get yourself educated. Have an open mind.

RTN: Do you think any of your beliefs might be what's stopping you from having unity with other Americans who don't believe all the same things?

MMH: Liberals always go on about tolerance. I think it's time for them to practice what they preach.