Rockettes Outfitted With 'Bomb Collars' To 'Ensure Quality At Trump Inaugural Event

RealTrueNews has obtained an exclusive report from the Rockettes Executive Chairman James Dolan. Following a meeting where Dolan explained to the world-famous dance troupe that they would be performing at the Trump Inauguration ball "whether they liked it or not" and telling them that they would have to be "Tolerant of Intolerance" if they wanted to keep their"cushy little jobs" he made his point even more clear by having his security detail outfit the dancers with Semtex loaded "bomb collars" which he said he would trigger if, for any reason, the performance was not up to his demanding standards.

Roaring at the cowering dancers, Dolan said:

You think you have it bad girls? You think you got it tough? Let me tell you something--this whole enterprise which puts food on your tables--which gives you the good life--it's about men. You think girls are buying those tickets to see you flash your thongs? No. No, they're not. This is about men and men like Donald Trump. So you are going to get out there on stage and you're going to shake your money-makers, and Dolan is going to take home a fat door--and maybe, if you're lucky, one of you.

But if you don't--if you bitches try to stage a walk out or protest? BOOM! The pretty little heads come off. Blood everywhere--and if any of you live? I'll make sure you wish you had died on stage. Got it?

Speaking to RealTrueNews after the announcement and the collar fitting, Dolan explained that no one is more concerned about the Rockettes brand than he is and that he works day and night with no thanks to make sure the girls had food for their kids.

When asked about the rumored policy that Rockettes were not allowed to have children because it would "ruin their figures" he told RealTrueNews that he was speaking metaphorically and proceeded to furnish an incorrect version of what a metaphor is. He then went on a lengthy explanation of how it was necessary to enforce discipline and that with the girls "showing so much skin" it was difficult to strike them in places where the "bruises wouldn't show."

He finally explained that this would be a 'huge' break out event since Trump was going to invited to grab "the girls" by "the pussy" and show America what the "New World Order" was going to be like.Assuming that RealTrueNews shared his perspective he then attempted to "set up a 'date' in a 'nearby hotel room' with RealTrueNews so that we could get a "really exclusive exclusive if 'you know what I mean."