Trump: Russian Computer Experts Help Optimize The US Power Grid

Sources inside Trump Tower have revealed that Donald Trump will address the nation on Wednesday to reveal that Russian computer experts have been working with the incoming administration to help optimize and harden the United States power grid.

Our source said that Donald Trump is "Very, very concerned about the cyber security--" and that he would, if given the chance, tell you that "all kinds of very, very bad people--very bad--the worst kinds of people--like the Chinese--would be trying to get into our nation's power systems and shut down the cities like during the racial riots."

The contact, a J. Miller, further explained: "The United States Government, well, under Obama, anyway, always picks the worst possible way to get anything done. The slowest, the most profitable for his friends or donors, or the worst quality.

When it comes to the new administration, let me tell you, there will be changes."

When asked about these changes, he said that Russian programmers--some of the best (which he repeated twice)--knew things about power grids and computers that weren't being taught in America since the late 80's. He indicated that Vladimir Putin, a fan of the United State's potential, wanted to see us strong and healthy just like Donald Trump.

In order to do this, he had ordered his people to begin work strengthening and streamlining the US Power Grid.

"But it had to be done--it had to be done under cover," Miller said. "The current administration--I don't even want to say the name--I don't want to--but I guess I have to--okay? Obama? Okay? Obama's administration would probably go to war over strengthening and modernizing the power grid because he wants to see America fail. I don't know how to put it any more simply than that.

"So it had to be done under cover. Now the media--the media--" Miller repeated, "The media is going to tell you things to scare you--about hackers and people in black hats and all these spies who have never been right about anything, let me tell you. Couldn't kill Hitler. Couldn't kill Castro. Couldn't find Weapons of Mass Destruction.--But the media will tell you that Putin is breaking in to our systems and putting code-bugs there to break the cyber-security.

"That is not the case--and they know it. The media knows it. They're just horrible people so they lie--they lie--and they don't tell the truth."

When asked if having Russians do the work of modernizing America's power infrastructure might take jobs away from American citizens, Miller responded: "From what I understand most of these guys have American passports anyway. They're very good with that over there. Very good. You never see them coming or going and then they have video of the girl who didn't look a day under twenty but turned out to be fourteen. Let me tell you (laughs) there is no fourteen year old alive who knew the things she knew--"

Miller paused.

"But anyway, no--the jobs they're doing aren't jobs Americans would have known about anyway."