Revealed: NBC Has Entire 'Fake News' Department

As Social Media ramps up it's Info-War on Fake News, we are hearing from sources such as InfoWars and Prison Planet that Mainstream Media darling NBC Nightly News employs a hidden division of specialists in the "fake news" arena. We spoke with a source close to Prison Planet's Paul Watson about the revelations:

RealTrueNews: What can you tell us about what you have learned?

Prison Planet Insider: Well, frankly, it's shocking. There is an entire group--a sort of 'skunkworks' if you will that is devoted to categorizing and identifying fake news--presumably so that it can be used to drive the top-down agenda of the MSM Power-Control Narrative. We've never imagined that this operation could be as advanced and far reaching as what we discovered in our under-cover sting.

RTN: Can you tell us more about that?

PPI: Yes. The full video will be out in a few days unless they censor it--which they probably will. We sent people inside--deep--to discover how NBC views "fake news" and we discovered an entire "news desk" of malleable millennials being forced to do cognitive slave-labor to identify sources, review and categorize so-called facts, and otherwise do extensive checking to ensure that any story that makes it to the screen properly fits the narrative. They'll ideologically reject anything they don't agree with.

RTN: Wow--so you're saying every story goes through this filter.

PPI: Yes. It's expensive, labor intensive, and, well thorough. As I said, we've never seen anything like it.

RTN: Can you give us some examples of what was screened by this internal cabal?

PPI: Sure--we've got tons of examples. They recently filtered a blockbuster story on how it was the National Security Agency that did the DNC hacking and not the Russians. They blocked a story on President Obama and his 'wife' using microchips to tag homeless people and release them in remote national parks to be hunted by billionaires. Thanks to these censors, the public will never hear about these things!

RTN: I--wait--what did--uh--I mean--

PPI: Sure. There's more. A story about Facebook using artificial intelligences to generate fake liberal news was shot down: Doesn't Fit The Narrative. This is stuff people need to know and this group makes sure you'll never hear about it.

RTN: That--uh--that story was the one where the examples of fake news being Carlos Slim, [ The owner of the New York Times ] Ordering flunkies to 'Bring me Trump's head'? and Donald Trump kidnapping FBI Director Comey's wife? I think those were parody stories--

PPI: Reads as real to me. Totally True News. They censored it.

RTN: But--but--wait. Why did you make air-quotes around "Obama's Wife"??

PPI: [ sighs audibly ] You're so infected with these MSM lies you can't even see. She's a trans-gendered cross-dresser. She can bench-press more than he can, for God's sake. It's right in front of your eyes, sheeple.

RTN: Uh-huh.

PPI: Look--this group--this internal agency--gets a story, does a ton of research to ensure it'll either fit their narrative--or it won't--and if it doesn't? They kill it. No oversight. No Integrity. This team of liberal kids have their marching orders straight from the top and you'll never even know about them. I assure you: No news source I trust does anything like that.

RTN: Wait a minute--is this the Fact Checking department?

PPI: That's what they call themselves. It's Orwellian. Can you believe it? [ Shakes Head Sadly ]. They want us to believe they're checking these so-called 'facts.' They think we're all as stupid as you are.

RTN: Did you just make air quotes around "facts"?

PPI: An invention of liberals and liars. You should really open your eyes, man.