The Intercept_ Launches Supermarket Print Edition

Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept, a hard-hitting investigative journal that spans the political spectrum from very left to extremely far left announced that starting in January 2017 a daily print edition will begin appearing on supermarket shelves. Said Greenwald: "We realized with the 2016 elections that we weren't reaching our potential audience of people who were very upset and largely uninformed.

Our demographic analysis told us that a large proportion of our readership frequents supermarkets that are open 24 hours and sell little-known craft beers. It became apparent what we had to do.

The Intercept_ Daily will be launched as a joint venture with Russia Today, the Vladimir Putin English-Language news channel some have called a propaganda outlet.

Said Greenwald: "There is no evidence that Russia Today is even run by Russia, has any connection with Vladimir Putin, or is in the habit of publishing news, much less propaganda. We see them as an unbiased source of money and information that may or may not contain any particular political view."

When reporters asked if the name "Russia Today" might be indicative of connections with Russia, Greenwald chided them for listening to the "official sources."

"If you want truth today," he said, "you need to go directly to leaks and hackers. We trust in crowd-sourced investigations like Reddit and 4Chan to produce reliable information."

The Chief Editor, former Vice Reporter Michael Tracey announced that the Intercept Daily would be a progressive voice for America.

"Progressives have been ignored by the mainstream media for too long," Tracey said. "While we do not support the current administration's plans to increase global warming, step up spying on America, and align themselves with strong-men and dictators around the globe, we are sincerely hoping that minority people are so badly abused that in the coming elections they will vote for a real progressive like Bernie Sanders."

Asked if he thought The Intercept_ Daily Edition would endorse Sanders or a similar candidate, Tracey said: "We don't know what the future will hold, but we expect that until American politics change for the better we will be endorsing whichever candidate is likely to piss off our readership's parents."