Trump Unveils Ryan Obamacare Replacement

Paul Ryan and Donald Trump have announced that they plan to replace Obamacare with congress taking action in January. With Insurance companies concerned that changes to the law could invite chaos, Trump's administration and speaker Paul Ryan unveiled the "A Better Way" Obamacare replacement plan.

Said Ryan: "The issue with pre-existing conditions is that care is so expensive for very sick individuals that either the government has to subsidize their care or healthy people do. That was why the ACA required a mandate. We think we have a better solution: limited life-span."

"A Better Way includes a set of installations collectively called the Carousel of Souls where people who cannot afford coverage and have pre-existing medical conditions will be appropriately tended to, free of cost!"

When asked how people would be directed to the facility, Ryan described a set of panels made up of End of Life Care experts and an enforcement force using photogenic young agents with special weaponry and training to delivery citizens to these care-stations.

"We believe," Ryan said, "that this will be the most cost-effective change to health-care yet and has not a whiff of socialism or communism besides. This goes well beyond the European model and will truly give us a level of universal coverage never seen before in America."

He stated that under the new law, everyone over the age of 30 would be elligible.