I.C.E. Storms Washington Post Newsroom

This morning at 9:33 AM black-clad special forces operating under Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) stormed the offices of the Washington Post with no-knock warrants issued by a member of the Trump transition team's special judiciary. The warrant, parts of which were redacted, indicated that they were looking for evidence of the paper sheltering known illegal immigrant workers on the premises.

Computers, phones, and personal employee records were seized in the raid which used a military chemical agent CN (phenacyl chloride) otherwise known as "vomit gas" which sent several employees to the hospital. While a spokesperson for Homeland Security said that records were still being reviewed (and would be for some time), persons in the building at the time of the raid, speaking under conditions of anonymity said that the agents, whose uniforms bore no insignia, were very clear that the raid was a result of "publishing lies" about president elect Donald Trump.

"They told us that the First Amendment didn't protect lies designed to stir up the populace and that if we were going to continue to do that, in addition to being sued by the federal government, the top editors could be imprisoned or even tried for sedition. They were kicking people who tried to get up, spraying us with mace--or something else--and hog-tied several employees who demanded to see the warrant."

"I could hear them screaming that they couldn't breathe," our source said, "which the agents thought was hilarious. I don't know if some of them . . . even made it."

We asked transition team member Hope Hicks if she was aware of the raid. She denied knowledge saying that the ICE union had endorsed Mr. Trump and that if they felt they were acting in the best interest of the country, she would support them.

She added: "Some changes are going to need to be made if our children are going to grow up in a country that feels like America. Some of the values that members of the government have espoused will need to be reconsidered or reined in. Immigrants--whether illegals from Mexico, who will take American jobs--or Syrian refugees, which would be main-lining ISIS, will need to be found and removed. Those that act to shelter them will need to be punished under the full extent of the law."

When asked about the charge of the publication of lies, she was very direct: "The First Amendment does not allow unregulated speech of any and all kinds. For example, hate-speech has, for years, been a favorite of the left's jurisprudence. We think that the coming Trump administration will have to restore credibility to the media and that will begin by putting a limit on the lies they have told America for so long."

She surveyed the reporters and then added, "You should remember that and think about your country, your fellow citizens, . . . and your children and spouses."