A Vision - From Tonight - From THE FUTURE

This is hard to believe--but what we think we have our hands on is a quantum computer projection from tonight's election. This is the work of the American Enterprise Institute's Quantum Modeling Initiative. It uses the most powerful computers in the planet and a technology called "trans-luminal tunneling" to perform calculations at 7.3x the speed of light. A contact inside AIE's clean-room shared the results with is. Appearing only for fractions of a second before the machine crashed, it appeared--we say appeared to offer what is either a glimpse into the future or, perhaps, a closely modeled possible future.

This is what we saw from 538's Election Night Forecast some 11 hours into the future.


Could this be true? We don't know--but we understand the science is pretty sophisticated. Our resource saved the page and converted it to a PDF. We've screen-shotted the side-bar of Twitter here too--just in case: