Tomorrow: We win. You have heard about Hillary +4. You've seen 538 spinning out of control trying to keep Trump's chances down to 35%. You've seen Hillary collapsing. But I get it: you're nervous. So much is on the line here--our Second Amendment rights. Hell, our first Amendment rights. Our right not to have a crime-family take over the United States.

Religious rights? Hillary will begin a purge of Christians as soon as she's elected. Our national sovereignty? There are Mexicans lined up to stream across the border into her welcoming arms of amnesty. Terrorism? There are ISIS guys right now on the wait-list waiting for a Hillary administration to move them to a neighborhood near you.

Did you know that once Hillary becomes president she becomes immune to criminal prosecution? No wonder she wants it so bad. But for all the liberal mainstream media lies, there's an underlying truth: Trump is winning and Trump will win. Here's some data you won't see on the Mainstream News sites. Let's look:

The Florida Early Vote

You have heard about all these Latinos turning out--about the Wave of Espanol sweeping across the south. You've seen liberals crow about Nevada and Florida. Well, here's some news: the actual numbers? Latino votes are up--but not nearly as much as the white vote. The black vote, without Obama on the ballot is cratering.

Florida is LOST to Hillary. In a landslide. That's 29 Electoral Votes.

The PA-Momentum

Forget about the piddling 6 EV in Nevada--they're cheating to try to win there. The big prize is Pennsylvania with it's 20 stunning EV. That, plus Florida, plus anything else puts Trump over the top. You've heard yard-signs don't count--but here is a chart that will show you why they do: This graph correlates yard-sign numbers against the 2012 D/R rating for each district. You can see the do correlate. Strongly. Where it was D+12, the yard signs show Democrats narrowly ahead. Where it's R+24, it's a blow-out for Trump. But if you look closely, it's clear that (a) Trump is winning most of the high D areas and (b) Where Trump is ahead, it's crushing.

Male vs. Female Voting

As you may have heard, Trump is from Mars and Hillary is from Venus (or Uranus, or something). It's true. As I astutely noted yesterday, there's a YUGE gender divide in some places and we've been hearing the lefty-media tell us how powerful the girl's vote is (listen to Beyonce singing that "girls" run the world!). Well, it turns out that in early voting, at least, the XX-Chromosome set hasn't been able to make it to the polls. Here are the numbers crunched from swing-states.

The actual numerical value is the power-factor of the female vote out of 20 (so if the number is 4 that means the men's number is 16 and has had 4x the Early Voting turn-out by population center and likelihood of voting). Take a look:

There's a lot of blue and purple--but trust me: see New Hampshire up there? Women are at 11--that means men's power-factor is 9. Losing, but close. In Arizona? Women's power-factor is 3: Dark blue. In all-important Florida? Women score 6--that means men score 14. Trump landslide.

Stay frosty, people--this will all be over tomorrow and Hillary can finally go to jail and the MAGA can begin!