Operation "Taco Bowl"

Political insiders know that in the Electoral College certain states hold an out-sized importance. This can be because either they have a lot of Electoral Votes and are in play (Florida) or because they are "considered safe"--so if you can win them for the other team ("flip them," in insider jargon) you get "points" that were supposed to go to the "other team" (such as Nevada, which ought to be a decently safe Red State).

Today we are hearing about Early Voting. While Early Voting reports are always suspect (you can maybe tell "who voted"--but not how they voted) what we are getting word about is a disturbing trend in key "Latino" states. Our sources got pictures (above) and what we found out was about something called "Operation Taco Bowl."

Operation Taco Bowl

Democrats have long had "pet names" for their minority "share-croppers." They call Latinos "taco bowls"--see here:

Well, that's kind of insulting--but it gets worse. Right now the story that liberals are flaunting all over the Internet (and into the liberal Mainstream Media) is about how "early voting" is having a "Latino Surge." Jon Ralston, a partisan Democrat operative in Nevada tweets out:

Dems win Clark by 11,000-plus, will be ahead overall there by 72K-plus, more than 2012. May be game over in NV for GOP.

Over in Florida, an absolute must-win, Ralston's counterpart, a shady political operator going by "Steve Schale" tells people:

And it isn’t just that Hispanics are voting, it is the types of Hispanics who are voting. Here is one way to look at it: Right now, statewide, 16% of early voters are either first time Florida voters, or haven’t voted in any of the last three elections. Across party lines, 24% of all the Hispanic votes today come from these first-time voters. Among Hispanic Republicans, it is 14%, among Democrats, it goes up to 26%, and among Hispanic NPAs, a whopping 32% have no previous or recent voting history.

When you expand it out to voters who voted in one of the last three, which is what I define as “low propensity,” it goes up to 53% of Hispanic Democrats and 60% of Hispanic NPAs. That, my friends, is the definition of a surge.

If that were actually happening, of course, that would huge--and bad--but what we're getting reports on is that it isn't. Apparently this "Latino Surge" is actually white people--white democrats--who are wearing white shirts with taco bowl images on them. Poll watchers, who have been effectively neutered by Wanda Sikes, a Democratic bureaucrat in charge of Florida elections, say that these trucks come up and off-load what appear to be reasonably affluent white voters wearing "the uniform."

They go and vote in the names of people like Carlos Peligroso, and Esmeralda Villalobos. Wittnesses have described them speaking fluent English until they reach the pollster at which point they switch to broken English or poorly accented Spanish. Also seen in many of the polling places are mysterious trucks and vehicles with communications equipment.

This isn't a "surge," folks. This is a coup! If you see white people wearing the "taco bowl" uniform, PLEASE do not approach them but report them to poll watchers IMMEDIATELY!