We have learned that as election day gets closer and Hillary forces get more desperate, Facebook (and Twitter) have joined forces to try to rig the election. They are doing this by creating false news stories on users pages to influence their view of what is really happening.

This screenshot, taken when a contact deep inside Facebook turned on the trial version actually creates stories via an artificial intelligence called HuffingtonPoser or HuffPo for short. This intelligence scans through news and determines what stories or trending news items will best move the election and then creates them. Links from the page go to realistic seeming facsimiles of the actual news sources unless the link is to CNN, in which case no mock-up is needed.

These stories allege outrageous things as you can see above ("Putin declares Trump to be his puppet") and do so with seemingly infinite authority. We understand that most high-information voters will not be fooled but for this election everyone matters. If this push from social media giants can shift the vote even one or two percent that would be more than enough for Hillary forces to perform a steal.

As we said, Twitter is coordinating with the Obama administration on this effort and the Artificial Technology used to create the articles is at least on par with the scripts used to create stories for, for example, the Washington Post or the Daily Beast. We advise being critical of all news sources from the Internet until well after Election day.

Addendum: According to our contact, while there was some effort being made to look into alternative platforms such as MySpace and Yahoo Groups, no effort was being made to seed stories on Google Plus, due to lack of popular usage. That should be relatively safe.