Dem Strategists Cry: Trump Voters IMMUNE To 'Fact-Checking' Attacks

As we barrel towards the final vote (maybe forever) and potential salvation / disaster, we were hearing some very vocal laments from senior Democratic strategists working on 2016 campaigns. Namely, that in the Age of Trump, the old tricks weren't working. The major strategies were ineffective. We spoke Sascha Burns, a top Democrat strategist, and Fox News contributor. Posing as James O'Keefe, whom Democrat operatives have inexplicably been ordered to tell everything to, we were able to get her to speak candidly about what isn't working in today's political environment.

RealTrueNews (as James O'Keefe): We understand there's a major hole in the Democrat[ic] playbook this year. Can you tell us a little bit about that, Sasha?

Sasha Burns: I--yes. It's really disturbing James. We've never seen anything like it . . .

RTN: So it's . . . the racism thing?

SBR: No--well, yes. That's collapsed with non-college white males but it works really well on the girls. That's still playing. No--it's Media Suppression.

RTN: Media Suppression?

SBR: What you'd typically refer to as "fact checking."

RTN: Ohhhh . . .

SBR: Usually we'd pick a media narrative, freeze it, and then mock it with what you'd describe as 'rigorous fact-checking.' This is straight Alinksy. In fact, Saul [ Alinsky ] and a young Allan Moore [ British Satanist ] wrote a whole tract about this called Who Fact-Checks the Fact-Checkers?

The idea is to have an authority figure--or just someone claiming to be in the know--cite research and expertise to shoot down a solidified point of view of the enemy. This can be done in a number of ways but the best is to use Snopes, which was created to humiliate--

RTN: We know all about Snopes.

SBR: Right. Well, that's the problem. Everyone does now. We've tried to strengthen it with fire-symbology for the pants-on-fire ratings. Gone for Early Childhood Resonance with a 'Pinocchio Archetype Scalar.' Nothing. On TV it's even worse. Matt Lauer pussied out--

RTN: Did you just say--

SBR: Pay NO attention. We went full force with Anderson Cooper and no one cared. Let me tell you, the Candy-Crawley Ambush was a gem. That won us the election right there. [ sighs sadly ]. The era of that might be passed. Romney was polite. He got steamrolled. Trump just shouts over them. [ mimics Trump ] "WRONG. WRONG. WRONG." It's infuriating. These people just use the Internet. Social Media. We can't control that.

RTN: What about some of the articles published--in online journals and the like? Debunking? We got hit with that.

SBR: Debunking?? Nobody reads that stuff. What's the last time you saw Brietbart or the Angry Patriots Facebook page 'debunk' anything?? They don't do it. Conservatives don't "debunk" any more.They--they double down.

Conservatives have become so good at spotting Liberal Bias they can pick up one part per million. It's better than a blood-hound. As soon as they catch a whiff of it, they're out. They change the channel. They don't click the web page. They ignore the message-board comments. It's infuriating.

RTN: Are you talking about facts--or bias?

SBR: What's the difference? Everyone has always had their own facts. Even Aynn Rand did. She tried to fix it with her Objectivity religion but she hated poor people so no one listens to--

RTN: I don't think she hated poor people--and Objectivity isn't a--

SBR: HATED POOR PEOPLE. Look, I've got references, her letters, people who knew her--experts--

RTN: Got to go--someone's, uh, at the door. Dog going nuts-- [ Makes Barking sounds ]

SBR [ Off Phone ]: Shit! It happened AGAIN! [ Throws phone, we hear a crack and the line goes dead ]