If you've followed politics at all you know that just hours ago the FBI re-opened its investigation into Hillary Clinton's email! This is because during the investigation of Hillary's-Henchwoman Huma Abedin's boy-toy (Anthony "Carlos Danger" Wiener) they found something. Something bad.

Now, we'd heard Mainstream Media rumors that this was stuff that was "already out there"--but that doesn't make any sense.If it was already out there, why start back up a 100-man investigation? No, this had to be something new. But we put an intern on looking through WikiLeaks (because we're thorough that way) and did we find something? Whoa Nelly, did we find something! The email--from Anthony to Huma reads:


I need something to get Krazy Glue off RIGHT NOW!!



Date: 2009-12-14 19:00

I need something to get Krazy Glue off RIGHT NOW!!

Huma, I swear to God it's not my fault this time. I was trying to fix something and the tube and my phone slipped in my hand and fell in my pants. Unfortunately now my little-Carlos is stuck to my phone and it's taking pictures non-stop. I think it might also be texting them, not sure. WHERE is the stuff we used last time?? Please HURRY!! Weiner


The email also, uhm, came with an attachment. I feel compelled to include what I can of it here--but unfortunately, it is not much. You will have to go to WikiLeaks to see the whole thing.

All That Our Editor Would Let Us Show

We think this might--just might--be what takes down the Clinton presidency. Watch closely (and don't trust Comey too far, he's probably compromised!)