Project BASILISK: Hillary's Unspeakable Big Data Program

We'd heard that Donald Trump was doing some fascinating things with his state-of-the-art voter targeting technology and we happened to be in the New York area so we stopped by Cambridge Analytica and sat down to talk with their CEO Alexander Nix. What we discovered was beyond disturbing. Frankly, we aren't even sure how to write it.

Alexander Nix, a sharply dressed man in his 30's was found in the empty suite filled with over-turned chairs, left-behind laptop chargers, and papers scattered on the floor. Stepping over fallen, shattered coffee mugs and scattered throw pillows, we spotted him trying to open the window of his Manhattan office. What follows is a rough transcription of what Nix told us once we managed to, literally, get him off the ledge.

RealTrueNews: Can you tell us what's going on--we don't--what's wrong, man?

Alexander Nix: We got--we got a demo. They flew us out there to the desert. It's under Groom Lake. It's all down there. [ trails off ] They call it Basilisk.

RTN: What? What is? Who flew you out? What demo?

Nix: The Hillary people. The Groundwork. Her head of data Elan Kreigel. He told us we had to see it. We never should have gone.

RTN: I don't understand. What--what did you see?

Nix: The simulation. The--they have a network down there. All those empty field offices? We found out where the money was going. I don't even think they're trying to win the election. Not--not conventionally. They took those millions and millions of dollars and they built this super-core server-farm. It's deep underground. It's all cooled to near zero. The environment down there is hazardous: we had to wear suits.

RTN: Your not making sense. Hillary's team built a Server farm? Under the desert? To--what--to why??

Nix: It's their voter targeting program. Their simulation. [ the emphasis on the word makes his body tremble ]. It's--it's light years ahead of what we had. We had voter models. Behavior--inclinations. We thought we could find persuadables and make plus-minus pitches to them on targeted channels. [shakes his head ] what fools we were. What FOOLS.

RTN: I think we need to get you to a hospital man. Where's the--where's the rest of the staff?

Nix: The ones who went with us? The seniors? Dead, probably--if they're lucky. Everyone else is trying to delete themselves. Trying. It's too late. It's all cached.

RTN: Come on--let's go--get up, let's walk--someone can help sort this--

Nix: NO! You don't--you don't understand. They didn't build behavioral models. They built--they scraped social media and somehow they created--it was--it was me. They brought up the interface and it was me in there. Reconstructed from my Facebook posts. My tweets. My email. They said they had PRISM. That Obama gave them the backdoors. They had all the Insurance data. Driving tables--everything--everything.

They had it--they had me--answer all my shared-secret password keys. It knew them. And then they--they have--the environment--they have me in there and it's an Abomination.

RTN: This doesn't make sense.

Nix: While we were messing around with data merges and audience profiling, they were building little AIs of voters--of us--of Trump voters--and they're torturing them. I could hear the screams--my screams--it was me--. [ looks at us with haunted eyes ] How do we know this isn't the simulation?

At that, he bolted--we tried to chase him--but he was gone. We reached out to the Trump campaign for comment and they say that they are launching a 10 day plan to communicate with and influence both key Clinton demographics (African Americans, unmarried women, and Sanders votes) with negative targeting and their base demographics (evangelicals, movement conservatives, and NRO/Weekly Standard Editors) with positive messaging.

They said they're confident they're going to win in November and credit Cambridge Analytica with closing the technology gap the 2012 post-election autopsy identified. Alexander Nix could not be further reached for comment.