Early Voting Lies: Voter Suppression!

This is the Image of the Election Team Hillary Wants You To See

As early voting gets underway we are seeing a frightening new "front" open in the war on Trump's enthusiasm: Voter Turnout numbers are being manipulated to show Hillary voters, inexplicably, turning out in equal or even greater numbers than Trump supporters. How are they doing this?

We spoke to a contact inside the hollowed out skeleton crew of Clinton's "ground team" (which is, in reality, strings of empty offices stretching across Florida waiting to be staffed by volunteers who never come).

RealTrueNews: What's the strategy right now, less than two weeks out?

Florida Volunteer Coordinator: There is no strategy. The home office isn't answering calls. The phone just rings. We've had power go out in the pan-handle offices due to non-payment. The checks bounced. We just don't know what's going on.

RTN: But voter turn-out is up?

FVC: The skunkworks team is still operating so we still get "talking points numbers." They say it's going gang-busters. I hope it's true. I don't see how though.

RTN: What do you mean?

FVC: Well, turnout for traditional elections requires calling, door-knocking, and so on. You have to have about 2 to 4 contacts to reliably turn out a Caucasian who isn't a historical voter. For minorities it's maybe double or triple that.

We haven't been able to get strike lists [ contact lists ] and the phone-banking is run by these automated machines that are, frankly, creepy. I listened to a call and it was just distorted static until the person hung up. Thankfully they didn't hear the "I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this message" at the end--that part was the only part that was clear.

So we haven't been making contact. There aren't volunteers on the ground. Nothing.

RTN: What about Trump? Does he have people?

FVC: No! But he tweets or some shit and like 400 people show up like a fucking flash-mob at a polling place. We don't understand it. We've never seen anything like this. It's like he's cheating or something.

RTN: So what's left?

FVC: Well, like I said, the skunk-works gang is going to try a lot of stuff to bring down the Trump-vote between now and election day, Mostly using numbers. They're going in and showing a landslide of EV [Early Voting] going against Trump. The idea is to have the networks "call the election early" so to speak--so that people give up.

I honestly don't know if it'll work.

RTN: We've seen the numbers. If those are real, they're not so good for Trump.

FVC: I really wish they were. I wish they were.

What is Happening?

What is this "skunkworks" team doing? How are they trying to spread a lie about who is voting in key swing states? Easy: they're manipulating the data on web pages instead of having to compromise the actual, harder to get at, voting records. Don't relax: they'll try to get that too--but for now? For now, when you go to the Hillsborough voting web site, you see this:

Oh, look--the Democrats are ahead. Never mind that Hillary's rallies could fit in a thimble with room left over for your thumb, somehow all her voters have turned out to the polls or mailed in ballots. As opposed to Republicans who typically lead Florida early voting.

What does the real data say? We got a cut of it from the Florida Elections bureau and this is what the real numbers for Hillsborough County are:

The real vote: BIG DIFFERENCE. But because journalist either get their data from web-sites or are fed their stories by the owners, we see things like this:

Early Voting Looks Good For Democrats

Florida nearly lost some of its voter registration time due to the recent hurricane shutting much of the state down, but that hasn’t stopped the Sunshine State from having massive early voter turnout of their own — especially in Democratic-leaning counties. And in Nevada, where President Barack Obama was just in town to stump for Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto in the Senate race, Democrats also seem to be taking advantage of the early vote options, with up to 60 percent of all ballots cast in the election likely to come prior to election day.

You can see that this story makes claims without any numbers, subtly shifts to Nevada in the middle of the Florida paragraph, and doesn't source anyone. Get ready for about 12 days of this--they're not going to let up!