Megyn Kelly LASHES OUT: Hidden Huma Abedin Connection?

Author's Note: I made this up to play on the idea that Kelly was somehow a leftist stooge and that Trump-voters would believe literally anything of Hillary and Huma. Also, the "devastating secret video" has a lot history in politics (it almost never appears). In any event, the photo-shop is 2nd-rate. I had to add a line of alcohol bottles to take care of the bottom of the Huma part.

If you believed this, shame on you.


Last night on Fox News, Megyn Kelly attacked Trump and Newt Gingrich, repeating the debunked lies that Trump had groped or otherwise sexually assaulted several women (most of whom are, to be kind, not pretty). The former Speaker of the House was astonished to hear leftist attacks coming out of Kelly's mouth and fired back that she cares more about sex than policy and isn't doing real reporting in any event.

He was right about that--but: was there more to it? Was Megyn Kelly just joining the ranks of feminists-in-media that exist everywhere? Or was there something darker behind it? We've heard rumors. Megyn Kelly has insinuated that she was sexually harassed by departed Fox News head Roger Ailes and while she was gainfully employed at Fox for years without any allegations surfacing, once he came under fire, she piled on (see any patterns here?).

We asked around and determined that while it's possible Kelly may have been up to something with Ailes, it was, according to former co-workers and office staff who spoke under condition of strict anonymity, it's more likely something may have happened with . . . wait for it . . . Hillary surrogate daughter and Muslim Brotherhood propagandist Huma Abedin.

Huma Abedin is Hillary's right-hand girl and has long been suspected of having philandering husband Anthony Weiner as a "beard." (We are reliably told that a "beard" is a person of the appropriate gender who provides cover to the other for a homosexual relationship. We're not sure if that works for girls or not, but whatever).

Contacts noted that in the run-up to Hillary declaring herself in the presidential race, Huma was very active around Fox News for various speaking engagements and showed a decided, some would say suspicious, interest in Megyn Kelly. Could Kelly and Abedin have . . . done something? While we'll leave that to your imagination, we have heard this:

"Kelly's a fox--and she's sly like one," our inside source said, "but I don't think she's . . . exclusive. And we know Huma isn't. That's like, an open secret. If Kelly was playing ball to get where she got with Ailes--and make no mistake, if she was, she came on to him, is it possible she might've tried to get some kind of angle on Clinton with Clinton's inside-girl? Yeah. It is. There were . . . rumors. She def had a thing with Gretchen [Carlson]."

"Anyway, if there was any activities of, you know, like that, with Huma? It could be. Huma is always--always--pretty sultry. I think that's the word. Yeah. And she definitely found Megyn attractive. I guess maybe it was mutual."

We know the Clintons play the set-up and blackmail game better than anyone. Could Hillary have sent Huma to neutralize Kelly? To get some "goods" on her? Did it just happen and now Kelly is batting for the "other team" in terms of Republican / Democrat??

In this election cycle, anything is possible and we think the evidence goes in favor of something . . . well, maybe not ugly . . . but something you sure couldn't show on TV.