What you see up there was a screenshot taken from the site as it looked for about 23 minutes last night at around 2 PM. Apparently sabotaged by a staffer fired without pay (and they say Trump does that!) the site was quickly turned it back to its normal, horrible facade but for a little less than half an hour, something with Hillary's name on it was finally telling the truth.


Because sources inside the campaign indicate that it has, in fact, catastrophically crumbled from within in the final two-week stretch leading up to the general election. The top officials (more on that in a minute) are fleeing the sinking ship, some of them even trying to get jobs with the Trump campaign. Apparently the barrage of damaging leaks, lack of faith in a falsely adoring press, and bad behavior by Hillary's body double (who went to an Adele concert in Miami despite being ordered not to) has caused them to lose all faith in being able to hold all this together for even another 10 days or so.

Look What The Sharp-Eyed Staffer Saw On The Home Page!

Chairman John Podesta: Rocked by WikiLeaks scandals that released his phone number, his email password, and some of the (grotesque) pornography sites he visited, has tendered his resignation. Only Hillary's current (incapacitated) state has stopped it from being accepted.

Chief of Staff to the Chairman Sarah Latham: Her own organization, the Latham Group has distanced itself from both the Hillary campaign and its own founder (Sarah) due to fear of contamination with criminal indictments. Apparently she is currently stranded in the Middle East as her campaign credit card was canceled and she can no longer afford a flight home.

Senior Advisor Minyon Moore: Forced to change his name by a tyrannical Hillary who, at one point, felt "Despicable Me" 'Minion Jokes" were funny, she is still officially working for the campaign but apparently his resume has been circulated with Feminist Frequency as a multi-cultural adviser to businesses targeted by SJW attack.

Vice Chair and Personal Chief of Staff Huma Abedin: Placed on the no-fly list for her ties to radical Islam, she was found harboring the Orlando Shooter's wife and has been detained by the FBI. According to sources she is ready to "roll over" on Hillary Clinton and is in protective custody. The Orlando shooter's wife, somehow tipped off, has yet again evaded capture.

Campaign Manger Robby Mook: Indictments pending for "murder-for-hire." Mook has been charged with conspiracy to commit multiple murders on behalf of the Clinton campaign. He is allegedly in custody.

Chief of Staff to the Campaign Manager Heather Stone: Unknown. Apparently she is currently listed as seeking opportunities on LinkedIn.

Chief Strategist Joel Beneson: Missing. He has apparently disappeared and is not answering cell or email.

That's it folks--while all of this is under wraps right now, it's hard to imagine how they are going to keep this quiet for another 48 hours. After that what happens? We don't know: is it possible for an entire party to . . . resign? Looks like we'll see!