As if you didn't have enough to worry about, we have learned that something horrible may be set to happen on voting day: a slaughter. The voting machines provided for swing states by Smartmatic are designed by engineers at the International Crisis Group--an outfit run by George Soros. The machines are not certified for use in United States elections--but that'll all be figured out after November 8th.

What might happen on November 8th? Well, the Smartmatic machines use a Li-Ion 18650 22.2V 7800mAh battery. That's a fancy way of saying enough Lithium Ion battery to power a car. Why do you need it in a voting machine? Because, according to our source, it'll pass through metal detectors, explosive dog sniffers, and chemical detection agents. It's a battery.

It's a battery that, if the right electronic code is sent, can be triggered to explode. We have learned that in tests using locked down ready-to-vote machines, certain patterns can trigger the battery to move to an unstable state and then, with a single fluctuation in signal, overheat and explode with lethal force scattering a cloud of burning toxic lithium throughout the environment.

What are these conditions? It looked like this: 11011011000000000000000000000000000000100000. A 1 is recorded as a vote for Hillary. The machine records a 0 as a vote for Trump. Once triggered, the next "0" will set the device off. Not only will this shut down voting places that are going heavily Trump but it will also injure or potentially kill a Trump voter (who is certain to be an American citizen, unlike Hillary voters).

Be alert for any warning lights or a series of three loud beeps from any of the machines if you are monitoring a polling place--and if you see a string of voters who look American, especially if they are wearing red, try to intersperse them with less likely Trump voters (young women with high cut clothing, minority voters, or young men who do not appear "tough"). By doing this you may be able to avoid the death pattern.