Millennial Branding: Make Them Wear Tattoos of Corporate Logos

What you see above is a draft of a proposal from an entity calling itself Eschaton Insights (returned no hits on Google) that is preparing to work with a new political administration to induce millennials and younger people (it calls them Generation-Z) to perform intentionally demeaning work by acting as walking billboards and wearing corporate advertising as tattoos (temporary or otherwise) on their skin.

It plans to force a stratification of young people to get them to compete against each other in the new job-less economy:


The document goes on to map out psychological techniques such as intermittent reinforcement and basket of crabs mentality that will be used with smart-phone applications to play on young people's Internet and Social Media addictions with alerts, bonuses, and so on.

The paper hints that in the new economy regular work will be a kind of illusion and the democratic-capitalist structures will be only a layer atop something else. The company that is linked in the header is almost non-existent. They have only a strange symbol on their web-page (it doesn't even have a login section that we can find). It has no obvious connection to anything called Eschaton Insights (although close readers may recognize that the name and the symbol do, in a disturbing way) kind of line up.