Hillary Regime: Begins Building Super-Max Prisons

A source inside the Hillary Campaign informs us that Hillary, should she win, is planning a move to "consolidate power." She believes that any event, however unlikely, that allows her to win will allow her to control the Senate. As such, she plans to immediately demand a Special Prosecutor to go after her political opponents. First and foremost, Mr. Trump--but she has also drawn up warrants of arrest and prosecution for:

  1. Rudy Giuliani - Former mayor of New York and Trump campaign adviser

  2. Roger Ailes - Former head of Fox News

  3. Steve Bannon - Current CEO of the Trump campaign

  4. Dinesh D'Souza - Documentary Film-Maker

  5. Bill Mitchell - Twitter personality and Conservative Radio Host

  6. Kellyanne Conway - Manager of the Trump Campaign for which a special subterranean isolation cell bock with 3 concentric rings of security is being constructed.

  7. Jane Sanders - Bernie Sander's wife (who will also be housed in the underground isolation unit). Presumably to keep Sen. Sanders "under control."

  8. Alex Jones - Creator of InfoWars and Prison Planet

  9. Roosh Five - Unknown (?)

  10. A document granting immunity from the special court has been prepared in the name of Mike Pence in return for testimony against as yet unnamed co-conspirators.

Shockingly her specific appointments are:

  • James Comey - Current head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as Special Prosecutor

  • Anita Sarkeesian - Twitter Safety Council member as Chief Justice

  • Zoe Quinn - Media personality as Special Court Justice

  • Paul Ryan - Current Speaker of the House as "Head Inquisitor" (whatever that is)

  • John McCain - War hero and former Republican Senator from Arizona as a "Special Defender" (presumably for the accused)

While unconstitutional in the extreme, people inside the campaign say that her day-one move with her new administration will be to abolish the filibuster and use a slim majority to appoint Barack Obama and Anita Hill to the Supreme Court. At that point, holding the leash of the Attorney General, and having an overwhelming lock-step liberal majority on the high court, the only thing that could stop her would be "treason."

To that effect, we are told that compromised agents of the armed forces--high-level personnel serving in the Pentagon--have been given the carrot of promotions if/when they remove the current chain of command (those left) who oppose Obama, and order troops loyal to them to "round up" lower-level leaders at bases all across America.

This is a high-tempo 24-hr plan using coordinated strikes at 0200 hours and after to take leaders and troops from their beds or barracks and, by dawn, have a new chain of command in place across America. This plan also includes specific "targeting instructions" for ships and submarines at sea. Apparently the story will be a series of "mutinies" with the ships going down, all hands lost.

To handle the round up of thousands of service men and women, Hillary is working with the Private Prison Industry--which she has spoken publicly against (remember, she has two positions for everything--a public and a private one, usually complete opposites) to begin rush construction of several "super-max super prisons."

These prisons are designed to be escape proof, fortified like modern-day castles, and will have facilities to barrack troops and war-planes / ground units to help exercise command and control over the nearby countryside. They will also be equipped with "Command Modules"--extremely high-tech bunkers with satellite communications technology to allow the US Government (or, well, whatever is left of it) to function after a Russian nuclear strike.

Of course she's not going to wait for that to happen. Her new military chain of command will use its recently acquired air-superiority fighters to engage Putin without provocation in Syria. When Russia, predictably, moves to defensive nuclear footing, President Clinton will order a preemptive "defensive" first-strike. The Russian retaliation will kill some 150 million Americans but leave these military fortresses prison-states standing to ensure complete dominance of the countryside.

Having engaged in nuclear exchange, the plan finally ends with a requirement to re-open the Uranium mine which she sold to the Russians and begin using her security forces to order the survivors to spend their last days preparing new radioactive material for the next nuclear conflict.