Testing: The Internet Off-Switch

This morning the Internet went dark: DYN DNS reported a Denial of Service attack that took down Twitter, Spotify, and other major Internet sites. What really happened was much, much worse: The Obama administration, reeling from WikiLeaks, alternative media news sources, and a social-media dominance by the Alt-Right and pro-Trump forces, has taken the next step in cyber-war against its own people: if it can't win the Internet, it's going to destroy it.

The technology for this has been incubated in ISIS where the US Black-Ops teams have used the terrorist organization (infiltrating it with western cyber-experts who have ties to US Intelligence) as a evolutionary test-chamber for how to exercise command and control over the decentralized Internet.

This is what we have learned.

Operation Off-Switch

What we saw this morning was a test of a capability called Operation Off-Switch. It simulates a Denial of Service attack against major Internet DNS providers (the service that turns www.cnn.com into a string of numbers that indicates the servers where the website is run off of). What it really does is run the data-stream through a set of DIVERSITY servers, the code name for US Naval Intelligence/ National Security Agency intermediate routers that are invisible to the Internet but can comb through, alter, and compromise any internet signal.

When Off-Switch goes into effect what we see is the compromise of the BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) servers that simulates a massive Distributed Denial of Service attack, either limiting or shutting down entirely traffic to targeted sites.

Why Operation Off-Switch: The test this morning was to see if, should the need arise, the major elements of Internet and Social Media connectivity could be severed. They could. The Internet was mostly blind to the real reasons (BGP is a very low-level underlying protocol so it is hard to monitor).

The use of it in full operation will be to do the following:

  1. Cut Off Users: Isolate specific users from all social media. The system is set to monitor specific accounts and persons and either create a "mobile black hole" (a black-out zone that travels with the person as identified by cell-phone or other) or interdict a specific account on a given social media platform from logging in anywhere while the system stays up.

  2. Shadow Ban Users from ALL Social Media: Alter data-streams, even if they are encrypted. Traffic through the DIVERSITY servers, which is a lot of it, is essentially going through an invisible "man in the middle" attack which will provide the system with SSL keys. This will be used to shadow-ban users by checking their traffic and then removing it's output from other's views. So you can post to Facebook. Facebook can serve your post--but the end users will never see it as it is on the block-list by DIVERSITY.

  3. Spread Disinformation to Entire Regions: Imagine, if you will, logging in one morning and finding EVERY news site was saying that Donald Trump was dead. Imagine that the broadcast media (ABC, CBS, NBC) and liberal cable news was in on this. Imagine if the AP news-feed reported it so that even groups like FOX news would likely report it as true. This is possible with a full-spectrum Big Lie filter that can analyze news-media and alter or remove it from the Internet.


This plan is the brain-child of the Obama administration which is going to try to fool all of the people all of the time. Obama moved control of the Internet to a European power to better facilitate its control by his external allies. ICANN (the group that controls Internet Domain Names) also signed a pact with the Department of Commerce yesterday:

On October 20, 2016, Verisign and the U.S. Department of Commerce (the "DOC") entered into Amendment Number Thirty-Three (33) ("Amendment 33") to the Cooperative Agreement between Verisign and the DOC. Except as modified by Amendment 33, the terms and conditions of the Cooperative Agreement, remain unchanged. Amendment 33 relieves, releases and discharges Verisign from all root zone operation, management and maintenance responsibilities, obligations or requirements under the Cooperative Agreement, including but not limited to, those contained within Amendments 11 and 31. Following this release, the RZMA between Verisign and ICANN became effective.

This pact is similar to the papal edict that ordered the sneak attack and the destruction of the Knight's Templar. It gives ICANN full control over all Root Zone Operation which is, essentially, control of the entirety of data on the Internet (Verisign is who assures your security certificate is safe--or, well, used to).

What Happens Next

What happens next is that all the news you get becomes radically filtered through DIVERSITY servers and you'll never know. Services can be shut down--taken off the air--with no recourse. Artificial Intelligences housed in windowless buildings will read your posts, judge them, and either end them or, worse, alter them to fit Their narrative.

On voting day the information you receive will be subject to this system and you will be part of their Gnostic Illusion. One from which there will be almost no escape. .