Media Collusion: Suppress Assange / O'Keefe

If you watched broadcast or cable news this past week you wouldn't know that:

  • Julian Assange released devastating documents on WikiLeaks that have destroyed the Clinton Campaigns integrity and momentum.

  • Leaked Documents show collusion between the State Department and the FBI wherein the FBI would agree to de-classify some of Hillary's emails in return for over-seas positions (good ones). A quid-pro-quo pay-to-play exposed.

  • The American government retaliated against Assange for his investigative reporting by cutting off his Internet access. This was generally lied about (the Ecuadorans did it!), if it was reported at all.

  • Investigative journalist James O'Keefe released two breathtaking videos that show the corruption of the Hillary and Democratic machines. One has actual interviews with Democrat operatives showing how they incite violence at Trump rallies ("called bird-dogging") and the other is a Democrat how-to for vast, expansive voter-fraud. None of this has be aired on mainstream media.

If you were watching both mainstream and alternative media, you may have wondered how every major media outlet made the same decisions--to not air blockbuster investigative journalism, while at the same time, reporting exactly the same lie about Ecuador.

We didn't: We knew. There is a 1970's era electronic funds network called the SWIFT network. It is used by banks for transmission of secure financial data. It is triple-DES encrypted (very good by the standards of the day) and is still the major communications network for banking. It also connects to the media.

Media outlets have held SWIFT accounts since its inception. This was done (theoretically) to facilitate secure messaging to overseas offices--but it had a darker purpose: coordination. SWIFT is an international body, run out of Europe (Belgium) and answers to a shadowy board of directors. SWIFT messages are, with 2008 upgrades, unreadable by any human agency.

We can see the shadows of the coordinated systems and we requested some of our contacts on the inside--those that over years have reached high levels--to let us know if anything came in on their SWIFT terminals.

Something did.


Here is an excerpt from the 1pg SWIFT MEMO that was received on October 1

SCOPE: All Print, Broadcast, Cable, Social, & Whisper Media. ACTION: Interdict coverage of:

 WikiLeaks content (focus on contiguously released disinformation)

- Proof of HRC as a liar and banker would shock and disturb her followers causing a nearly religious crisis of faith

 WikiLeaks Internet Cut-Off (Ecuador is a free actor)

- Actions taken by America to silence Assange will be interpreted by the American public as in violation of Freedom of Speech. It will also provide enhanced credibility to the documents

 FBI quid-pro-quo with the State Department (simply deny coverage)

- The FBI must maintain credibility at all costs. It is the firewall should control systems and Democratic-BlindFaith fracture

 Project Veritas video content (J. O’Keefe is a bad-actor / untrustworthy)

- Exposure of the Dominant Political Paradigm may create an Emperor’s-New-Clothes

Cascade Failure

BACKGROUND: In the final phases of the transition of power indicators create substantial uncertainty as to the outcome of the national event. In order to correct for public access to classified / occult information, the media narrative must be consistent, negative, and of high volume. Mass Media Hypnosis (Bandwagon effect, Big Lie, Judas Goat) require control over disruption attractors.

This is a peek inside how the forces that control our media think. NOTE: OVERARCH seems to be an arm of the United States government. When the SWIFT system was formed, the press may have been more free than they are today--or, perhaps, the power-blocs migrated to friendly ground once the US was properly subjuged in the 90's.