What you see above is an excerpt from a document obtained by RealTrueNews that claims to be from someone inside Correct the Record's Internet warfare operation. This strategy memo details methods, messages, and techniques used to generate negative emotions in the online environment. Donald Trump excels at reaching directly to the American people through his massive online presence and his ability to mobilize and organize is expected to deliver a winning number of votes on November 8th.

That is, unless the Hillary-PAC can manage to demoralize and disrupt them so badly that they all stay home due to a combination of "bad polls" and artificially created feelings of despair.


Some excerpts from the file are chilling. The memo shows a deep psychology and sophisticated coordination among the trolls ('disruptors'). It shows that there is a substantial body of understanding put into the strengths and weaknesses of various social networks and their users.

For the memes we see that they are being created and used in a way that echoes Jungian psychology (the text, the subtext, the subliminal payload) and that they symbology--both overt and occult--is important and considered.

We would like someone with a strong psychological background to analyze this fascinating glimpse in to the dark world of Internet trolling for profit and let us know if this is as devastatingly effective as it sounds like it could be.