Leaked Memo: Clinton Dirty-Tricks Team

Yesterday Donald Trump told the fans at a mega-rally that the vote would be stolen in PA if Team Hillary could get away with it. Immediately liberal pundits blew up calling him irresponsible, dangerous, and so on. Nobody thought to ask if he was telling the truth. In the aftermath of his speech, we received a document from inside the Clinton campaign. It's a "strategy memo" for Pennsylvania's 8th congressional district.

This memo is meant for a DNC team referred to as 'Black Pod' (they are organized into "Pods" which you can see in the recent Guccifer 2.0 leak). This group, which we believe is an off-the-record dirty-tricks team, is assigned to do things such as:

  • Damage cars with Trump bumper-stickers to create a climate of fear.

  • Remove Trump yard-signs (and plant pro-Hillary ones) to blunt the sense of momentum.

  • Create fake social media accounts to try to influence female voters.

  • Hire 'aspirational' women models to frequent public areas and show pro-Hillary signifiers (t-shirts, handbags, etc.)


Is this a run-up to actual stealing the election? You be the judge--but we think so!