If you've been anywhere near a TV or the Internet in the past two days, you know that at "tape" has come out where-in Donald Trump talks about how he has hit on some girls back in the day. As you may have heard, liberals and pants-wetting republicans have started to flee from Trump like he's radioactive. The usual ladies are positively fainting in outrage.

What should you do?

Well, my colleagues think the tape might be doctored and that's definitely a possibility - but even if it isn't, here's what you should already know:

If You're a Guy

If you're a guy and you're what they call an Omega or Beta-Male then you should know that alphas talk like that. When they talk about women (but not in front of women) they use a certain dialog that most girls would at least have to say they found offensive. That's because they're talking about taking charge and they're talking about sex as conquest. These guys are naturally very competitive in all areas of their lives and sex is just one of them. If you haven't heard these conversations, that's because the kids at Chess Club or Drama didn't talk like that.

So now you know.

If You're a Girl

Hooo-boy. Us guys are sorry--you never should have heard that. Secondly, your husband or boy-friend has probably said something like that and has definitely thought it. If he's telling you otherwise, it's to make you feel better. If you want an unpleasant eye-opening, check his browser history.

The fact is, guy, despite your best efforts, were never domesticated the way you were from birth. As a result, we have inclinations that don't generally come out in public. You saw behind the curtain and you didn't like it.

Just pretend you didn't.

If You Are A Pants-Wetting Republican

What you didn't understand in the primary and don't understand now is that the whole reason Trump won is because he's not just an Alpha. He's a 'Super Alpha.' He wins because that's what he does. That's why he'd be Making America Great Again while 'President' Hillary was still picking out a White House China pattern.

Trump has testosterone levels that would be high for a twenty year old. He has drive and libido that is powerful beyond any urge you have ever possibly felt. Unless you have suffocated to unconscious--then maybe the sensation comes close. Trump is operating at a level that would break the lot of you and there are some exceptions you have to be ready to make for that.

You want a winner? You want to MAGA? You need to put up with him talking about groping girls. It's just that simple.

If You're an Offended Liberal

What I'm about to say will piss you off (but then you're always pissed off, aren't you)--and I'm not even sorry about it. All that garbage you've been told about how girls don't like to be hit on--about how they don't like a man taking charge? About how they don't like a good slap on the ass or being talked down to by a guy? That's you they feel that way about.

Add a few million dollars to their portfolio and lose about 30% of your body fat? You can spank your secretary and she'll like it. Doesn't matter who she is. Girls don't like being hit on by losers. You're a loser.

Add a billion dollars to your portfolio, a private jet, and a bunch of skyscrapers? Throw in a celebrity TV show? And you can walk through a dressing room of Miss America contestants all naked and they'll throw themselves at you. If you're Trump? You can just grab girls by the pussy--at the level he's playing at, it's almost consensual.

Is It Sexual Assault? Yes

Is what Trump is advocating sexual assault? In a word: Yes. Trump is a strong leader who takes what he wants. You want us to go to Iraq and "kick their ass and take their gas?" That's Trump. You want us to make the lazy NATO countries actually pay for our protection? That's Trump.

For seven years, we've had a timid leader who claims to "respect" women--look where that's got us. The time for Political Correctness is past. Trump is bold: that's what people like about him. Trump is a winner--and to the winner goes the spoils.

Like it or not, women--yes, even your wife or daughter--in the real world? They're pretty much 'spoils' and Trump understands this. If you want to MAGA, you're going to have to face what it takes--hard decisions, strength, and will to power.

Along with the package comes some grabbed pussy.

Yeah, I knew that was going to piss you off. Live with it.