Vulgar Video - FAKED (Enhanced). Trump Has Bombshell Reveal Ready 4 Debate!!

We were as surprised as anyone to see the video that NBC / Newsweek emerged with, right on the day of the Wikileaks news-dump. If you believe in coincidences like that, we have some coincidental bridges to sell you.

But we asked ourselves, was it just the Mainstream Media sitting on a weapon? Why didn't this come out during the Republican Primary when millions of dollars were also spent on Opposition Research? So we poked around.

We think:

  1. The video / audio is doctored--faked.

  2. Team Trump knows it, can prove it, and is waiting for tomorrow night to use it in a bombshell revelation that will take out Hillary Clinton.

Bell Pottinger and Faked Al-Qaida Videos

This is the website for PR-Firm Bell Pottinger--a UK firm that does public relations, messaging, and media. They got 540 million dollars from the CIA to make fake Al-Qaida videos that were planted in raided safe-houses and seemed to come from Arab sources. This was a subtle disinformation campaign that used tracking codes so that when people watched the videos they could locate them.

We think something similar was done by the Hillary Clinton campaign. The video in question is more than 10 years old. The people involved clearly can't have any kind of great idea precisely what they said. This creates an opening for the operators to go in and "enhance" the audio.

We spoke with someone who does sound engineering and has been involved in high-profile court cases where recorded sound has been used in evidence. He asked that we not use his name in association with this as he has not been able to review the original tape and does not want to be politically involved.

RealTrueNews: How easy would it be to fake this?

SoundEngineer: For a very old tape? Probably not that hard. Take some voices that are similar to the principals. Sample them. Alter them to match. If you wanted to change a few words that's easy. If you want to add new sentences that's harder but you can do it.

For that you have to match the cadence and gaps. But you can do it. If you wanted to change "shoulder" to "pussy"--that'd be easy.

RTN: Anything in there that would be a red-flag?

SE: The one thing I can call out is the sound of tic-tacs. Very hard to pick up without a directional mic or being extremely close. If Trump was wearing a mic on his lapel and it was on, you might hear it if he shook the container right in front of it. But if the other guy [ Bush ] had a live mic, unless he was in Trump's clothes, I'd say that was added post [ by enhancement ].

RTN: Thank you.

Tomorrow Night: The Bombshell

The obvious question is: why hasn't Donald Trump disavowed this stuff? Why not Bush? The answer, as we said, is possibly that he, like any normal human, (a) talks like a guy in the presence of other guys--so he might not be sure he didn't say something dumb and (b) When Bush caved in, Trump kind of had to--for the moment.

But we've heard something else. This is a quote to us from a contact close to Trump:

The campaign is shook up, yes--there's a lot of calls. A lot of fall-out. Trump was asked to apologize immediately and he's a team player---so he did. But the core team is also . . . very calm. They're telling everyone to just wait for tomorrow night. This is sure to come up and they aren't just "ready." They're aching for it.

What we think is that they don't just have a response--but rather it's a trap for Clinton. Trump moved immediately and called some of his guys--his investigative team that went after the Birth Certificate. Good guys. Very pro. They called him back ASAP and he got a copy of the tape and had it rush-delivered by courier to a recording studio.

Now they're huddling, but they're saying to everyone "keep calm. Stay the course--one more day. Just wait for the question and BOOM." I don't know for sure what they've got but they seem to think this race is over.

And not for Trump.

Oh, he also said the "Drop Out" stuff is just bed-wetting. He's acting like he's on the verge of victory. It's really pretty energizing to see.

Are our suspicions confirmed? We'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out!