Coming: The Twitter Purge

If you don't use Twitter--or even know what it is--this might not sound like much but it's a big deal and it's a big part of the Clinton Plan. Twitter is a social media platform where users can communicate, globally, using 140-character "tweets." That might not sound like much but it is where the real time political conversation is happening. Debate "spin rooms" are becoming obsolete as the debate has already been litigated and fact-checked in real time by real people and not media-personality shops.

Twitter is used for organizing: during the failed Iranian 'Green Revolution' (an unfortunate name), Twitter worked hard to stay connected and stay operational so that groups resisting their theocratic Muslim government could have a chance of coordinating resistance.

Twitter was a bastion of free-speech. There was so much traffic and it was so egalitarian--if your thoughts were popular, you'd have thousands of followers. If your thoughts were unpopular (no matter how they might match the media narrative) you'd have a handful.

That is how Twitter started--but it is not how Twitter is going to finish. We have learned that in the upcoming months, if Clinton wins the election, Twitter will be purged of alt-right and politically incorrect voices and then Nationalized.

The First Wave: Banning and Shadowbanning

In recent weeks Twitter has started permanently banning members for thought-crimes against the mainstream political orthodoxy. A black or gay male can advocate killing police, killing government members, or looting and rioting and nothing will be done. A white male can express a negative opinion of a movie (The Ghostbusters remake) and they're banned.

Twitter started this with its Orwellian 'Trust and Safety Council' which included angry violent feminists like Anita Sarkesian of Feminist Frequency--a provocateur advocacy group for female primacy in the media and the destruction of male-oriented video games. Could she be trusted to provide fair council? Of course not.

Twitter immediately began banning what they saw as the "ring-leaders" of the opposition: popular voices for heterodoxy. The names above are some of those who have caught bans for flimsy reasoning. All of them are white men.

Twitter has also been "shadow banning" which is an action they can take without the user's knowledge: Twitter simply "mutes" the person so their tweets--their thoughts--reach fewer and fewer people. This is a real thing and it is happening every day according to insider leaks. (Some of the above have simply been shadow-banned).

The Coming Purge

We spoke with a source inside Twitter's operations department which enacts the decrees of the Trust and Safety Council. This is what they told us:

RealTrueNews: What have you been told recently?

TwitterInsideSource: We've been told that in the days before the election [this will be when Trump and conservatives are trying to use their social media strategy for the Get Out The Vote effort] there will be a stream of names coming in 24-7 for code-black shadow-bans meaning almost nothing gets out and re-tweets for what does get choked back as well. They say that we'll be manning the consoles 24-7. Well, they actually said "attending" the consoles.

RTN: Did they say where these names would come from?

TIS: The Trust and Safety Council--but I've heard they are going to be getting the data directly from the Clinton campaign's analytics department. If you live in a swing state and like Trump, be prepared to go dark.

RTN: Did they say why?

TIS: Of course not. There's zero accountability by design. They can shadow-zone you for any reason they feel like with no recourse. They don't even admit it's happening publicly.

RTN: Thanks. Is there any resistance to this?

TIS: Oh yeah. Lots--but they fire you immediately if you speak up at all. They make an example of you and their NDA [Non Disclosure Agreement] is fucking air-tight. Plus they'll file harassment lawsuits just to keep everyone else in line. I've been told I can't even "quit on good terms" until after the election.

They have these T&SC 'hall monitor' women who are auditing us too. They check our logs each day. They've demanded all our passwords for all social media. It's like the gestapo. I mean, really, it's scary.

RTN: Okay so first comes the shadow bans. Then what?

TIS: Then after the election, if Hillary wins, we purge.

RTN: Explain.

TIS: They have a bunch of lists and deep data on influence, relationship nodes, and so on. They are going to purge the alt-right from the system. Real bans. Public. They're going to be clear these people can never get back on--not that they'd want to, I think. The entire philosophy will be excised from Twitter and every social media application they own.

That's part one. I've heard that part two is Nationalization.

Nationalization of Twitter

Nationalization is when a government takes over a private company. We have heard disturbing rumors that a Clinton administration is going to declare the Internet a common-resource the same way that the radio-spectrum is and is going to demand nationalization of (and government control over) several 'Strategic Digital Resources.' This power-grab will be executed following a win where Hillary can defend her position. We spoke with a senior professor Sociology with a specialty in digital law at a national university. He refused to let us identify him by name.

RealTrueNews: Is there any precedent for this kind of power-grab?

Professor of Digital Sociology: In the United States? There are laws that govern what kinds of pricing and services private Cable TV companies can offer [ See this link for details]. There are others, but they are mild compared to what is being discussed today.

RTN: What is being discussed today, exactly?

PDS: The concept that digital social media is a national resource is absurd, or, well it would have been before the current administration. They are going to claim that these social media services rely on the government provided Internet backbone, which is true--but under any reasonable read of the Constitution what they are going to do would infringe on free speech.

RTN: What are they going to do?

PDS: In political think-tank circles, it's called a purge--they mean it as a 'joke' but they're deadly serious about it. They have determined they can't win a war of ideas so they're going to silence the reach of ideas they don't like.

RTN: Why can't they win?

PDS: The ideas that the rising administration is founded on only 'make sense' through the lens of a classical neo-liberal education. If you don't buy into white guilt or accept institutional racism as a major driver of behavior, then their ideas sound like nonsense. They can't give every dissenter a college education in six weeks so they have to resort to other means.

RTN: After this purge, then what?

PDS: This 'purge' removes people they don't like from the conversation. Then, after the next administration can appoint friendly SCOTUS judges, the challenges will be brought and rejected. This will effectively dismantle the first amendment.

The administration will keep the banned Twitter users off the media treating them as a, well, you heard it, a basket of deplorables.

RTN: That's scary.

PDS: The Supreme Court combined with an Internet power-grab might be the first Digital Coup in human history. I expect, as these things usually are, it will be a stepping stone for more.

RTN: Who are you voting for in this election, if you don't mind me asking?

PDS: [ long pause ] Hillary Clinton [ flatly ]

RTN: Really? Why?

PDS: If you think your vote will be secret with the digital voting machines . . . you aren't paying attention. That's all I'm going to say on that matter.

RTN: Thank you. I think.