Hillary Clinton's Murder Market

What you see above is the website for RetreatResearch They are a private intelligence, security, and paramilitary organization that is extremely hard to get a hold of. They have changed web-addresses and DNS hosting rapidly. Their bios give some resume but no actual identifying information. They have no means of contact: you submit your information to them (with a hefty legal disclaimer) and they get in contact with you. It's a live website and you can go and look around--but please, we highly recommend you do it from a public computer.

How did we find them? Easy: We went to Guccifer 2.0's document dump and started poking around. In one of the directories we found this:

Retreat Research Summary--inside is some fairly competent opposition research for a California House race. We wanted to look at who all was doing oppo for Hillary though, and that led us to Retreat Research.

We did some digging and did not like what we found. Firstly, they seem to have new websites with different DNS look ups almost every month. We couldn't think of any reason why they would do that other than to totally obscure any paper-trail obtained through subpoena. Secondly, we still had zero idea who they were. There were pictures and last names--but we couldn't verify the existence of any of them.

When we started asking around the DNC a Clinton staffer who is very friendly to us--and quite high up--told us to stop. He said that we should leave this one alone.

We didn't, and so he finally gave in. He felt that exposing this might, really, be the best way to stop it. He gave us his password to the Login. We will share it here for as long as it lasts.

Link: RetreatResearch.com

Menu: Login

PASSWORD: 'DeadMansSwitch?' (no ' marks, include the '?')

You don't need a username.

This is what we see on his login:

What we saw (he said he froze his account after an incident and would not unfreeze it, so a lot of the navigation is dead) took some explaining:

RetreatResearch: Assassination Markets

Back in about 1992, someone published the idea of a "market" in Assassination. The concept was simple: people would make anonymous donations in the "name" of a target. When the donations were high enough, a freelance assassin could commit the killing and cash in the pot. In fact, someone tried to set this up on the Dark Web a while ago (it didn't last).

What Retreat Research is running is a private assassination market where select users can pay in, with Bit Coin, and nominate targets. When the user-base (they are organized into "teams") has paid enough to meet the threshold, an assassin can collect.

The way assassins collect is by submitting a SHA-256 Hash code--a string of numbers and letters--that can be used to validate a specific datetime and target. If the kill happens at that time (the hash is encrypted) the assassin gets paid.

What we see is tens of thousands of dollars being funneled towards the killing of everyone who has ever crossed the Clinton Campaign. Look at these screen-caps:

Highest Bidder Per Target

You have to squint but it's Donald J. Trump being "paid for" by user 'White Queen' - wonder who that is.

Current Bids

You can see Julian Assange up there, Paul Ryan, and even twitter guys like Mike Cernovich (we had to google him). It's not clear if this is a partial list or not. Our contact said the numbers are BitCoin.

Small Bids

This is an extract of bids under 25 BitCoin. We see that a Clinton Team person going by "BlueBird" paid to have Milo Yiannopoulus killed.

This is absolutely insane but it's there to look at. We highly recommend that you be careful logging in. We would not do it from home systems. We would not recommend using a non-proxied / VPN approach. We strongly recommend virus and other malware protection.

If anyone can verify this or knows more about RetreatResearch, please inform us.